Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Manga's/Anime's that I miss....

A couple of days ago, I saw the Avengers!!! YAY!!!! Oh my goodness, this movie is the best ever!!! My favorite super hero's together in one movie? Heck yes! Yeee buddy!! ^_^

I had to walk in the rain today.....I don't mind rain. But I hate walking home in it! I get really wet and I already have a sore throat. I can't afford to get sick! I don't have time!!! I must get better quick! I have to go to the city for YC this weekend!! YC stands for Youth Conference. YC is a whole bunch of Christian concerts with amazing speakers and workshops. This is my third year going! I'm excited!

Summer always reminds me of all the manga that I read or the anime I watch. That reminds me! It's almost two years that I have been blogging! Wow! I have been looking through my blog archives and reading them. My goodness, I have wrote alot! I'm more surprised of how much I posted about manga and anime. I read/watch too much.......I realize that now?

Well, I miss a whole bunch of things! First my best friends up north and the manga/anime that are completed! I remember all the old animes I used to watch when I was a kid! Remember Sailor Moon? How about Tokyo Mew mew? Man, it feels like such a long time ago when me and my best friend would come home right after school just to watch Sailor Moon. :D

I would make a list but I have homework.......oh well. To heck with it! I'm going to make a list. Well only the ones I remember completing. I'm sorry I missed one or two but I'm making a completed manga list-ish. Let me start! I miss Hana to Akuma the most!!

Idol Shopping 8 - Page 2


Gakuen Alice (anime!)

He's Dedicated to Roses Vol.01 Ch.001: Two gender...♥ at



Chibi Vampire

Yumeiro Patisserie (the anime I miss!) 



I have still have a whole bunch.....I spent over an hour on this post! I tried to look for every single link for each manga/anime and I realized that I have to edit most of my posts! I hope you guys have tons of manga to read and animes to watch! :D :D