Friday, July 5, 2013

Introducing Me (Fong Pen)

Hi Guys!

My name is Fong Pen, and translated from Chinese signifies "wisdom, intelligence, and peace". Chibiko, an amazing friend of mine, has invited me to post a few things while she is away. Here are a few things you may want to know about me:

  • I am a relatively new "mangafreak".
This is all of Chibiko's doing, and I am thankful for it everyday. I love the intricate storylines, the relatable (or completely unrelatable!) characters, and the beautiful art. Throughout the summer I'll post about some of my favorite mangas and characters, and I hope to hear your feedback!

I LOVE Skip Beat!, Akatsuki no Yona, 1/2 Prince, Kamisama Kiss, and the list goes on and on......
  • I read. A lot.
From romance, chick-lit, sci-fi, historical fic, YA, Christian, Chicken Soups, retellings of classics, dystopian, spies, supernatural, faerie, and of course..... MANGA!

  •  Between sleep, surfing the web, and reading I can be a little active (just a little)
Soccer and wrestling. Need I say more?

  • I am hopelessly lost when it comes to gifs. 
When it comes to pics, I will try my best, but don't expect anything too fancy :-)

  • I love writing
This is one of the reasons why Chibiko suggested I be a part of this blog. Outside of school, it's hard for me to come up with material, so I am extremely excited to participate in this. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment! This is also the reason why my posts will be so long most of the time. lol. Even most of my emails look like essays.........

  • I cannot speak any Chinese. I probably have 10 words in my vocabulary, and most of them are foods.... Not that there is anything wrong with that!
Yeah. It's a little ironic, considering my (Chinese) name, but I actually speak (and write) English really well, and can have a decent conversation in Spanish! Because of manga, I've found my Japanese vocabulary growing every week. It's been really cool to learn all the vocab. I just can't speak it very well! You know that awkward moment when it sounds perfect in your head, but when you say it outloud it turns out the pronunciation was totally wrong? Yeah... Try that in a different language!

Thanks for taking the time to read this; I will try my best to post at least every other week. I am determined!!!

See how determined I am??? 
And a huge thanks to Ro; this is for you!

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