Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manga recommendation: Glasses Prince

I was walking in the book store one day and I spotted this manga called Glasses Prince. As you know I'm a total freak when it comes to manga books like this so I look at it. It seemed interesting but I didn't feel like buying it. When I got home I looked it up on and started to read it. It turned out to be better than I thought!

Title: Glasses Prince, Megane Ouji
Author: Mizukami Wataru
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (From mangafox) The day Sachiko confesses her love to Masuda-senpai is the day she discovers that she'll be living with him from now on! After being rejected, how will Sachi deal with living with Masuda-senpai? Not to mention his double personality!

The story reminded me of the beginning of Itazura na Kiss. I still love it though! Its soo funny and cute!

I looked at the art and I realized that I've another manga by Mizukami Wataru. This mangaka has made quite a bit of manga's. I was surprised that one of her manga's managed to make it to print in the U.S and Canada. I was happy!

Title: Let's Get Married!
Author: Mizukami Wataru
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, School life, Slice of life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Here is a quick summary, its about a girl having two fiancés and she has to pick between them. Its like any typical shojo manga. Its cute but the story sorta plain. I still like it and I managed to finish it.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Manga's I'm reading during Spring Break!

Its finally Spring break! A time of reading manga and watching anime!!! I have been waiting for this moment!!!! WHOO HOO! I have time to finish reading this and that...........I'm happy! Sigh.....I finally get to sleep in without worrying about school! Maybe but I get the week off!

Anime Review!

Title: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ Tantei Opera Mirukii Hōmuzu
Genres: Comedy, Seinen, Mystery
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed (12 episodes)

Summary: In a world where Toys are used to grant humans with superhuman ablilties, there are 4 dectectives from Opera Kobayashi, a detective agency. They are known as Milky Holmes and sent to take care of offenders and bring them to justice!

This anime is really hilarious! The art is cute! As you know, this anime is based on the card and video game!

A whole load of Manga Recommendations!

Title: Shin Ango Onshi
Author: Youn In-wan (Story), Yang Kyung-il (Art)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Shonen, Romance, Mature, Tragedy, Seinen
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: Mature (Gore, Violence)
Status: Completed

Summary: (From Mangafox) After the disappearance of the kingdom of Jushin, the power-hungry governors bring terror to the defenseless villagers. Only one of the secret agents of that kingdom is left, the Angyo Onshi named Mun-Su. Together with his bodyguard Mon-Ryong, he travels the country to protect the oppressed and punish the tyrants. Much of the story mixes Korean legends and historical truths.

If you liked Defense Devil by Youn In-wan and Yang Kyung-il then you will definitely love this manga! The story line is right there and the art is amazing! It doesn't lag on and I don't get bored of it very quickly! The Romance development is there as you go into the story (loved it), the Comedy is solid (very funny) and the Action is so hardcore and awesome!! Oh by the way, If you don't violence, blood spraying or gore then you will not really like this manga. I don't really care about that stuff. I just care about the story and art! I'd say this is the best Shonen manga I've ever read!


Title: Special A
Author: Minami Maki
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, School life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Hikari has one ambition and it is to beat Kei at everything. Ever since they were six, Kei has beaten Hikari at everything. They now go to a extremely prestigious highschool with Kei as their top student and Hikari, second to him. Still determined to beat him, no matter what the costs are, she does not even realize that Kei is in love with her. (Wow, shes dense) Will she realize this? Will Kei's love be returned?


I find this manga quite interesting! The art is outstanding amazing but the story........its alright. I love it and all  but it just takes Hikari a long time to realize that Kei is in love with her! Shes soo dense! The story is soo funny and romantic though. I won't argue with that. Kei is sooo hot........^ 0 ^


Title: Pandora Hearts
Author: Jun Mochizuki
Genres: Shonen, Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Action, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Oz Vessalius has just turned fifteen and is the heir to the Vessalius dukedom. His life is carefree and rich. The only thing that holds him back, is the absence of his father. When it comes to his come-to-age ceremony everything changes. Time stops and mysterious people show up. For some reason Oz has to be punished and is casted into prison called Abyss. He is saved by a "Chain" named Alice the Black Stained Alice. What the heck is going on?! What is Abyss? Why did Alice save Oz?

In my opinon this manga/anime is really awesome!!! I love the art and story! The mystery behind everything is soo interesting!!!! The manga/anime is dark.........oh well I still love it! Oz I love you!!!!!

Title: Knight Princess
Author: Tsen Shiau-Jing (Story) and Chen Xiao Jing (Art)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Gender Bender, Fantasy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Incomplete (Novel is Complete)

Summary: (From mangafox) Yashi and her Father Talon Aighe have been travelling around for 14 years. Now, her father has brought Yashi to the kingdom of Bocinia, where Yashi learns that the mother she's never meet, is actually Bocinia's Queen! Wanting to meet her mother Weisha, Yashi agrees to do whatever is needed to meet her. However, this proves to be harder than both Talon and Yashi thought! 14 years before: The love between princess Weisha and the commoner Talon, was forbidden by Weisha's father, who was manipulated by the power hungry minister Krue Simba. Talon was sentenced to death for treason but was able to escape with the new-born Yashi.

I was reading this on mangafox and I found out that the author is unable to finish this manga!!! I was soo disappointed!!!! It was getting really good too!!!!!! I was like NOOOOO!!!!! T_T I'm sad now..........
The manga shouldn't end like that! The art and story is amazing!! I have no complaints but........the author has to finish it!!!!


Anime Review: K-on!

I recently started watching the anime for this! There is a manga but.........I think I like the anime better because of the songs they sing are awesome!!! If you watched the anime.......I like Mio's voice better!! Its not as annoying as Yui's!!!!! Here is proof!!!!

Title: K-on!
Author: Kakifly
Genres: Comedy, Seinen, School life, Slice of life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Quick summary: K-on! is basically about highschool girls joining their school music club to try to keep it from getting abolished. They end up making a band called Ho-kago Tea Time, 放課後ティータイム Hōkago Tī Taimu, After School Tea Time.

The anime is HILARIOUS!! I laugh everytime!! Oh, if you are a K-on! fan and don't know this, they have announced that there will be a movie!!!! I'm soo happy!!!!!!!!! Also if you like soft rock and pop then you will like the music they sing!!! I love them!!

My favorite songs from the K-on anime~!!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Manga Recommendation: Saint Dragon Girl

From the creator of Yumeiro Patisserie, here is Saint Dragon Girl!

Title: Saint Dragon Girl
Author: Natsumi Matsumoto
Genres: Romance, Martial arts, Comedy, Shojo, Fantasy, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Momoka Sendou is into panda's and is the daughter of a dojo that teaches martial arts. She is in love with her childhood friend Kou Ryuuga. He is a summoner and was the one who saved Momoka's stuffed panda in the lake. Since then that panda is a symbol of her love for him. The only problem is that he doesn't realize her love for because he is too busy doing his job summoning! Will they ever be honest with each other?

I was really happy when I found this manga at the bookstore! I was really upset when the Shojo beat magazine got canceled.........well I can always look at it online! This manga brings back soo many memories.....

This manga is cute and funny! The story is alright too! It is really interesting! I love Momoka's panda, Ron Ron! He is soooooo cute! The art is great!!

This is Natsumi Matsumoto's older manga's. There is a sequel to this manga. It is called Saint Dragon Girl Miracle. I really want to tell you about it but it is sorta spoiling it for you..........


Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you~!

First things first.....I have passed 2,000 views!!!! I'm soo happy!!!!!! I would like to thank you guys, my awesome viewers!!!! Arigatou gozaimasu~!!! > 0 <
I'm soo happy! There are people actually reading my blog!! (I never knew it would be this popular.......)

I have another favorite mangaka and it is Ikeymada Go!!!! She creates more manga that is alittle more aimed at older teenagers (16). I know I'm not at that age and I don't think her manga's aren't that bad. I don't really care about age ratings as long as the art and story is good. I sometime care when it comes to mature manga's.....they sometimes scare me!!! O_o

Ikeyamada Go was born on May 25 and debuted with Get Love in the Sho-Comi magazine. Her art is adorable!!!! >/////<

Title: Get Love!! or Get love!!
Author: Ikeyamada Go
Genres: Romance, Sports, Comedy, Shojo, Drama, Smut
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Sagara Yuki is a pretty short high school student. Moriyama Miki admires him even though he is short. Will her love be recognized?

I'm not into pure shojo manga's but this manga is really hilarious! The chapters will not come out fast enough!! Its soo annoying! The art is soo amazing! I fell in love with it at first sight!!! Oh just to warn you, if you don't like Smut-ish Maturish (I don't see anything wrong with it) then don't read it!

Title: Uwasa no Midori-kun
Author: Ikeyamada Go
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Drama, Comedy, Shojo, Smut, Ecchi, Sports
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: 15 year-old Yamate Midori is a tomboy. She fell in love with Soccer when a boy named Hino Tsukasa came to the island. He taught her how to play. Due to that day she is inspired by him and contiunes to play and hopes to meet him again. One day he comes back but he does something unforgivable to her and so determined to beat him on the soccer field, she dresses up as a boy and enrolls in a all boys highschool.

I really hate Tsukasa!!!! He should die in a hole! Anyways, Ikeyamada Go draws the guys and they are soo hot!!!! Even though I hate Tsukasa (you will hate him), I can't help but think that he is hot!! This manga is soo funny! Sorta predictable but I can't help but read it.

Title: Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!
Author: Ikeyamada Go
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Sports, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: 13 year old Hikaru Suzuki is a very short person but has a love for Basketball. Sayaka Hoshino, a 13 year old girl who dreams of acting but is very shy. They meet each other in Middle school and Suzuki-kun and Sayaka fall in love. However Suzuki-kun's childhood friend, Itou Chihiro is secretly in love with him but she has no idea that Suzuki Shinobu is in love with her.

Umm.......I'm sorry that explanation is very confusing!!!! Here is the love square!

Sayaka < Suzuki < Chihiro < Shinobu

Do you get it? Suzuki is normal but Shinobu is rich. Chihiro is a tomboy girl but Sayaka is extremely shy. How will this complicated love square work out?

This manga really is amazing! It is quite different from the other manga's Ikeyamada Go has made. It dosen't contain Smut and is not very mature. The art is still very amazing and (faints), the 17 year old Suzuki-kun is soo hot!!! I just had to say that! The story is alright I wouldn't say it is the best.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black Bird Drama CD~!!

As you can tell I am pretty clueless when it comes to Drama CD's. It takes awhile for me to realize that the Drama CD came out. I'm sorry I just to bring that back to the point......I'm happy that there is a Drama CD for Black Bird!! I was freaking out as usual because I was really excited if the manga will get an anime! And the voices.........I really love them! Here! Here! Listen to it!!!!!

Volume 1!! (I don't own anything!)

What do you think??? I have a problem with Kyo's voice.........its sorta very low for me.....alittle mature......oh well. Kyo is still hot! I would be happy if this manga would have a anime!! I like Misao's voice! It suits her!!! Its really cute!


Mangaka Arina Tanemura!!!!!

I'm sorry!!! I have been sick for the past few days..........many people here are getting sick now that I mention it........they may be the cause of my sickness! They have been passing it to me and other people! I hate missing school and thanks to my sickness, I have a pile of homework! Why did I have to get sick? On the bright side, I stayed at home, slept for the whole afternoon (never even realized that until 2pm) and read Skip beat for the rest of the day. I'm feeling better but......I'm still alittle bit sick!

(I posted this picture in the past but I really like it so.......I posted it again!)

You know what I never get sick of? (Chocolate?) Oh yes, chocolate but thats not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about Arina Tanemura!!! I never get sick of her awesome and great manga!!! Her art is soo amazing!!!!! I want to be like her.....she is my hero! Her art has inspired me to draw manga! Yet I can't draw like her but hey, everyone has their own style of drawing!

(Haine from The Gentlemens Alliance Cross)

Who is Arina Tanemura??

Arina-sensei originally does Shojo manga's. She was born in Aichi, Japan on March 12, 1978 (Oh her birthday already passed!) and a Lord of the Rings fan. She is well known for Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full moon wo Sagashite which both have been turned into animes.

She debuted with The Style of the Second Love, 2番目の恋のかたち Niban-me no Koi no Katachi, in the Ribon Magazine. The Short-Tempered Melancholic, かんしゃく玉のゆううつ Kanshakudama no Yuutsu contained this story and many other short stories Arina-sensei made in the past.

Title: I.O.N
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi, Shojo, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Ion Tsuburagi is a normal highschool girl who loves to eat (hey that reminds me of me!). When she was younger she learned how to chant jinx's to make miracles occur. But one day when a mysterious substance granted her the power of telekinesis, the guy she likes has sudden interest in her or her powers. How will he treat her? As an experiment? Or a normal girl?

This is story is quite interesting and good but really short.

Title: Time Stranger Kyoko
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Shojo, Comedy, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Kyoko is the princess but goes to a regular school and acts like a normal student with her identity hidden. Until her sixteenth birthday she reveals her identity to her people. She wants to prove that she wants to live as a commoner and not live as a princess. She doesn't want to be the princess.

Her only hope is to awaken her younger twin sister Ui who has been asleep ever since she was born. If she awakens her sister then Kyoko doesn't have to be the ruler of earth. Ui can take her place. Kyoko has a staff that will allow her manipulate time; turn back time, stop, anything! Now the only problem is that she has to find eleven more Time strangers with their stones that can awaken Ui. How will Kyoko be able to do that?

I love this manga. Its really amazing!!!!!!!!! It was short....why did it have to end at 3 volumes?! I'm not really satisfied with it.......but its still good!

Title: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, 神風怪盗ジャンヌ Kamikaze Kaitō Jannu, Phantom Theif Jeanne
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Magical Girl, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Kusakabe Maron is a highschool student living with an angel-in-training Fin. Maron is Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Her mission is to find demons in paintings and get rid of them. The problem is that the police think that she is just stealing pieces of artwork. There is another problem too......her best friend, Miyako is the one trying to capture her!

In my opinion.....this is my favorite manga from Arina-sensei!!!!!! Its pretty old but never gets old for me! Its really good and the art! Here is part of the first episode!! Hope you like it!!

Title: The Gentlemens Allaince Cross
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Drama, School life
Reading Direction:
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Haine Kamiya was given to the Otomiya family after a loan of 50 million yen. Haine, now a Otomiya struggles to find her place. She has now been able to be part of student council in her school, Imperial Academy, a private school for the aristocracy. Haine has been in love with the president of the council, Shizumasa Togu ever since she read a picture book by him. She is finally close to him but why is he acting differently? What happened to the kind hearted Shizumasa?

I'm really happy that there was a Drama CD to this manga!!! But an anime will never come out.......anyways, click here to listen to it! You will be surprised by their voices because I was!

Title: Absolute Awakening Angel Mistress Fortune
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (From Mangafox) Tachikawa Kisaki is a 14-year-old girl who's a drop-out ESPer. Her object of adoration is Hashiba Giniro, a superb ESPer who could use ESP at the age of five. Watch them as they become "Fortune Tiara" and "Fortune Quartz" and carry out their duties as a combination!

Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune Vol.01 Ch.001 at

This is manga is really funny! The art is still really amazing and the story is awesome!! It is really cute but quite cheesy. I don't really care....its funny!

Sakura Hime Kaden 1 - Page 2

Title: Sakura Hime Kaden
Author: Arina Tanemura
Genres: Romance, Supernatural, Comedy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Sakura is a 14 year-old princess engaged ever since she was born. She haven't even seen him once and yet she is engaged to him! She hates the fact that someone else has to decide her fate and destiny.
Life changed when she found out that she was the granddaughter of the legendary princess Kaguya. Also why can't she look at the full moon? What would happen?

Sakura Hime Kaden 2 - Page 5

I will admit that this manga frustrates me alittle bit. I really hate how they treat Sakura after.....Oh no! I'm not supposed to tell you!! Ok Ok here, the story is really amazing! The love between Sakura and frustrates me but makes me fall in love with Arina Tanemura all of again. I love how Arina-sensei makes stories with different time periods. It makes it really interesting!

Now there you have it.....I have expressed of how much I love Arina-sensei's manga's! They are sooooo good! The only problem is that......the chapters of Sakura Hime Kaden is not coming out fast enough!!!!! Anyways, you have maybe been wondering where is the manga Full moon wo sagashite? Well, I saved this manga for later......oh wait, I think I may have written about it....I can't remember....If not then I'm sorry.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Manga Recommendation: Inuyasha

This manga is quite old but popular. I really love it! Too bad it ended......oh well. As they say, All the good things have to end. I think thats how it goes.....?

Title: Inuyasha A Feudal Tale, 戦国御伽草子 犬夜叉 Sengoku Otogizōshi InuYasha
Author: Rumiko Takahashi
Genres: Romance, Action, Shonen, Comedy, Adventure
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Kogame is a normal highschool girl and lives a happy and normal life. Her life changed when she was transported to where it seems like, Japan's past but with things that only seem to be from stories and legends. She finds out that her destiny is intertwined with the powerful Jewel of Four souls and a half-man, half-dog demon named Inuyasha. Will she except her fate? First things first, how does she get home?

This manga is soo good! To be honest, this is the very first manga I've read with Action and Romance! Its soo good! Inuyahsa and Kogame are soo awesome together!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Please Help Japan!!!

For Japan it will take a long time for it to recover and so the people of Japan would really appreciate your donations! The disaster left people homeless, a big mess and many dead people. Please donate here! Onegai Shimasu!! > x < (I think thats how you say please in Japanese!) Tasukete kudasai! (Please help!)

As you know Japan had a Earthquake that reached 8.9 on the scale and it was followed by a horrific Tsunami. The disaster of Japan is the what everyone is talking about on the news and it is not too late to donate money to help these people in Japan! You donations are greatly appreciated!


I love the Mangaka Natsumi Ando!!!!

Ando Natsumi, 安藤なつみ Andō awesome!!!! She is best known for Kitchen Princess (Click here to see what its about!) and in 2006 it won the Kodansha Manga Award for children. She also known for her overly awesome manga Zodiac P.I. Its been awhile since I actually read this one.......another one going on my read again list. Oh you know what makes me sad???? You can only read it online and the english version for this is no longer available in the US and Canada!!!! Its horrible!!! Why Tokyopop?!

Title: Zodiac P.I, 十二宮でつかまえ,  Jūnikyū de Tsukamaete
Author: Ando Natsumi
Genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: 13-year old Lili Hoshizawa is the Detective Spica. She uses astrology and horoscopes to solve numerous crimes. In order to transform into Dective Spica she uses a ring called the Star Ring that was left by her mother who also used it to transform into Dective Spica. Of course nobody knows her identity except her male childhood friend Hiromi.

Lili's goal is to find out what happened to her mother that is currently missing. Along the way she solves crimes. Will she find something about her mother? What kind of crimes are ahead?

This manga is my favorite out of everything Natsumi Ando has done! I love the mix of Magical girl and Mystery in the story! It was really interesting! It could of been a little longer.......

Title: Arisa
Author: Natsumi Ando
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Shojo, Drama, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: Since their parents divorce, tomboyish Tsubasa has only communicated with her kind and gentle twin, Arisa through letters. One day they decided to switch places and see what each others life was like. Tsubasa always thought Arisa had a great and joyous life not until her sisters sudden suicidal attempt. Now that event happened, Tsubasa wants to know what exactly happened to her sister and what caused her to act this way so she took her place in school by disguising as her sister, Arisa. What is her sisters secret? What is behind the kind classmate smile?

Arisa is soooooo good! Not as good as Zodiac P.I but its really amazing! It makes me want to know what happens next! Just to tell you......the classmates are really messed up. It really scares me. But don't let that get to you, I bet you will think the same way once you read this manga. Its really great!

Title: Wild Damon, Wild Heart, ワイルドだもん
Author: Natsumi Ando
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: Kagen Senno's father is an explorer and he brought Senno something very surprising back from his trip. A BOY! His name is Hyou and now lives with Senno. She is trying to help him adapt to the city. Will he be able to? Will something more happen if he lives with Senno?

The story really reminds me of the manga, Beast Master. I still like Wild Damon and its ok. Its quite predictable and I'm not satisfied with the ending! Just when it was getting good! Anyways, its just like any typical Shojo manga. I don't see anything different but I think this manga is soo funny! The way he tries to adapt to the city....its really funny! soo cute~!

Wild Damon Vol.01 Ch.001 at

This is her site.....I don't know how to read this!! Its in Japanese!! Good thing I'm learning!! (Not enough....'')


Pretty Cure Madness!!!!!

I have really been into the series Pretty Cure!!!! I'm not even joking. You can tell from my previous review on the new season Suite Precure. I'm still shocked that they made a new one! They even made a movie where all the Pretty Cures that ever have been made into one movie! Wait maybe 3......but anyways, the name is called (if you are interested), Pretty Cure All Stars DX. I want to see it sooo bad!!! Unfortunately its not on the internet.......yet.

Here this the ending song for the 1st movie of Pretty Cure All Stars DX and it is the combination of Splash star, Heartcatch, Futari wa Pretty cure Max heart, Pretty cure Gogo and Fresh opening songs. I know I'm soo childish but I think its soo cool!

If you haven't tried this series.....try it!!!! I think thats it...........I guess I have to do homework (sadly) so untill then....

Ja ne~! Bye~!


Random Post!

I really see no point in Daylight savings. I hate adjusting to new time! This time we have to have to go one hour forward and that means I lose one hour of sleep! My precious sleep!!!!! I have to get up one hour earlier......that sucks.....I want more sleep!

The good thing is I get to eat lunch early!!! and......somehow I'm wide awake.......REALLY! I'm really energenic today!!! I'm freaking out!!! I had to go to school today......I have to wake up sooo early!!!!! On the bright side, its nice and warm outside! The snow is great to make snowmen and snowballs! Also a perfect day for a nap in the sun.....or throwing snow balls at my brothers....thats wayy more fun. Oh wait

(Walks outside, throws a snow ball)

(OW! Thats cold!)

......oh yes I hit him.

Oh that reminds me! Its pie day!!!!!!! (Wow that was random) Why is it pie day today? I have to idea. We were talking about this in Math class and all I heard it was pie day today. I don't really pay attention in Math class (sometimes) and I only got out "pie day" out of the conversation. We were talking about the number pie like, 3.14159......We talk about the most weirdest things in Math class.....its quite funny.

Speaking of weird conversations, At lunch time today we were talking about the name Bob. Its soo common! I love it though! My friend Jenny told me that her uncle of some sort had a song for Bob....I forgot how it went but its really funny!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Manga Recommendation: He's Dedicated to Roses

I not only love Japanese Manga's but also Korean Manga's too! I really love Shonen manga's cause they have awesome art and stories. I also love Shojo Manga's because the story always makes me soo happy~!!

He's Dedicated to Roses Vol.01 Ch.001: Two gender...♥ at

Title: He's dedicated to Roses
Author: Hwang Mi Ri
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, School life, Drama, Comedy, Shojo, Slice of life
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Reading Direction: Left to Right
Status: Completed

He's Dedicated to Roses Vol.01 Ch.001: Two gender...♥ at

Summary: Choi Ida is really plain looking as a girl but as a guy she is a total hottie. She works as a slave for the rich and popular girl, Mimi (I hate her!!! > ^ < ), at school and at home. The only way to relieve her stress and anger is to dress as her alternate male identity, Choi Yodah.

Her life was changed when she meets a guy named Kang Naru. He kisses her as Ida but then when she is her alternate ego he instantly falls in love with him. Unfortunately Naru thinks Yodah is a GUY and so Ida wants to tell him that he is actually a SHE. What would happen? How will she live her life with two different egos?

This Manhwa (another term for manga) is amazing!!! The story made me utterly speechless!!! I couldn't stop reading it!!! I really really really really really really really really really really really really love it! The art sorta does disturb me but it gets better and it looks alright.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anime Review!!! Suite Precure!!

Title: Suite Pretty Cure, スイート プリキュア♪ Suīto PuriKyua♪
Genres: Magical Girl, Action, Comedy
Age Rating: PG Everyone

Summary: The world of Major Land was almost plunged into total sorrow and sadness when Mephisto takes the Melody of Happiness and changes it into a song of sorrow and sadness. Due to this Aphrodite the empress of Major Land scatters the notes and sends Hummy to the Human world to find them before Mephisto finds them. And also find the legendary soldiers Pretty Cure.

Hibiki Hojo is athletic and loves sweets. Kanade Minamino is a straight A student and loves to back cakes. These two are a very funny pair but it turns out they once were best friends. But now their conversations turn into fights. How could these two be the legendary soldiers, Pretty Cure?

Ok Ok calm down..........I'm freaking out because there is another season of Pretty Cure that just came out. And I didn't know! If you don't know what Pretty Cure is then here. Pretty Cure is basically a magical girl anime. There are different seasons. Here is the list! I'm sure if they are in the right don't blame me!

Futari wa Pretty cure and Futari wa Pretty cure Max heart

Characters: Cure Black (Nagisa) and Cure White (Hanoka) This is the first season of Pretty cure.

Futari wa Pretty cure Splash star

Characters: Cure Bloom (Mai) and Cure Egret (Saki)

The art and story are similar with Splash star and Futari wa pretty cure. Without the other pretty cure, they cannot transform. Throughout the story the pair of friends always go through some type of problems. Either its them or the enemy problem. If they don't work together they will get their butt kicked by the enemy really easily. Also like any magical girl series, the fight scenes are totally predictable.

Yes! Pretty cure 5 and Yes! Pretty cure 5 Go! Go!

Characters: Cure Dream (Nozomi), Cure Rouge (Rin), Cure Lemonade (Urara), Cure Mint (Komachi) and Cure Aqua (Karen)

Fresh Pretty Cure

Charactes: Cure Peach (Love), Cure Berry (Miki) and Cure Pine (Inori)

Heartcatch Pretty cure

Characters: Cure Blossom (Tsubomi) and Cure Marine (Erika)

If you ever watch the Pretty cure seasons you will start to notice right away that the stories do not intertwine with the story before it. Also that the art is really different. The only thing they have in common is that they all have a theme and some kind of animal friend that isn't from their world. Its quite predictable. 

Suite Pretty cure

Characters: Cure Melody (Hibiki), Cure Rhythm (Kanade), Hummy

Anyway, down to the point. I'm freaking out and I couldn't believe that they made another Pretty cure season. At first glance I thought it would turn out like the other Pretty cure generations. When I actually started to watch it, I really liked it.

I didn't get annoyed with Hummy's catch phrase. Most stuffy like animals go with their name. Like in the first season: Mepple. Mepple says, "Mepple" after every single sentence. I'm sorry but its really annoying. Hummy is a cat and he says "Nya" or in English Meow. I don't get really annoyed with that.

I'm not sure if Suite Pretty cure is better than Heartcatch Pretty cure but....I still like it! I find it that I like the art better and the theme is better. Well thought out. The theme of Suite Pretty cure is Music. But I hate that there is a pink color in thier irritates me......why pink?!

Arigatou~!!!! ^0^