Friday, March 11, 2011

The awesome Mangaka Hino Matsuri

Today I feel like talking about another amazing mangaka! Todays mangaka is Hino Matsuri. I really admire her because for 1, her art are amazing and 2, her stories are good. Her best work is Vampire Knight which has been turned into an anime.

Title: Vampire Knight
Author: Hino Matsuri
Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Shojo, School life, Comedy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Cross academy is where there are 2 different groups of students: The Night class and Day class. At twilight when the Day class is going back to their dorms they cross paths with the Night class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the guardians of the school and their job is to protect the Day class from figuring the Night classes sercret: the Night class is full of Vampires.

Title: Wanted
Author: Hino Matsuri
Genres: Romance, Adventure, Shojo, Gender Bender
Age Rating: 13+
Status: Completed

Summary: Armelia is an orphan trying to find her friend and love interest, Luce. He was kidnapped by the famous pirate, Scar. Then 8 years later Armelia disguised as a boy, she joins a crew. She meets the captain Scar who looks like Luce. Who is captain Scar exactly?

I really love this manga!!!! This one is my favorite out of all of her manga's she has done!!! To bad its a very short one......It sucks! If only it was longer!! It was soo amazing!

Hino Matsuri has done other manga's like Captive hearts (in the middle of reading) and Meru Peri (must read) I might post some stuff about that later!