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Drama Challenge Day 27: A Drama loved by Many but you don't seem to like

I have.................none! I end up liking it anyways........I love things a bit to easily. I would not watch it if the storyline wasn't good.

Random picture! :D


Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Tomorrow I have to go camping.....ARGH. I hate camping! Well actually, thats a lie. I don't like going for too long. Espically with family. I can live with them but not outdoors. I know I'm being such a downer but I just don't like camping for some odd reason.... :( Maybe just being outside without internet bothers me.........who knows!

I'll be doing my Drama challenge in advance so you don't have to worry! I'll be back on Sunday. See ya!


Drama Challenge Day 25: Your First Drama

My first Drama would probably be the Japanese verison of Hana Kimi! I remember browsing the internet when I came across the video for it! Last year was when I started. Sigh.

When I saw my best friend I introduced her to the drama and she loved it! This drama gave me tons of great memories I can live with! The characters were memorable! This drama gave me the reason to watch Korean and Japanese dramas.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School's Over! YAY!

I can finally relax! I slept over at my best friends house a couple nights ago and it was really fun! I haven't that much fun in a while! Stupid exams and homework......I was so stressed out and frustrated. I'm so happy exams were done. My best friend was like, "You have the right to talk! I have to write all three exams and you only had to write one!" She wrote her French final today. Lucky her :P.
I know, I'm pathetic. But I'm so bad at Math that I was really stressed about it! I had other stuff happening at home and was really getting to me. Thankfully, most of my family members didn't bother me on the kitchen table. You should have seen all the papers for Social and Math everywhere! It was really messy!! I didn't even know where to step.

Me and my Best friend was watching alot of stuff on the internet. We got bored and she showed me a couple of funny videos of Korean hot boy band's like MBLAQ and Super Junior on live game shows. You seriously have to watch them! > x < They made me laugh so hard and I felt like a bunch of stress went away from my back. Laughing is the way to go if you want to relieve stress! :D

(ENG) Suju & Mblaq - cuterpillar game 1-2 and 2-2

Does your stomach hurt? Well mine does! This is probably my second time watching this and it never fails to crack me up! > x <

The other day a person commented on my blog about recommending more manga's like Faster than a Kiss. Just so you know, you guys can always comment if you want more of one genre. I'll always come back to you! :D Back to that person's comment, I'll put it right here so if you guys happen to be the person who posted this comment, you can always comment about the manga's I tried to recommend like Faster than a Kiss.

Anonymous: "Do you have more manga like Faster Than a Kiss that you could post? I REALLY liked that one and am waiting for the next chapter (I think there's another one coming out- I'll be VERY disappointed if there isn't) but I need something like it to pass the time... Teacher X Student so funny! (No Ecchi or Mature or Smut if possible)"

I feel like I haven't recommended manga in while. I mean, I have been doing my Yaoi and Drama Challenges for the past month. If you guys are thirsty for straight manga's, here it goes! I have quite a bit! Also, if you want to find the same genre, just go to the end of the post and there are labels. Just click the right label and the link will give you a whole bunch of posts I have done in the past!

If you don't know where the labels are, just look at the picture on the top! My posts are usually long so just keep scrolling down till you see the label section.

I'll start with this manga! Out of all the manga I have in this post, this manga is probably the most Teacher x Student relationship I get! Unless you want Yaoi.......nevermind.

Title: Sensei wa Ore no Mono
Author: Mie
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, School life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Lef
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing (chapters come out faster!)

Summary: ( Third-year high school student Tachibana Kyou’s world is shaken when a green-horned nurse suddenly arrives at his exclusively male school – the doe-eyed, baby-faced, and irresistably adorable Hirota Natsu. Completely taken with the new faculty member, Kyou abandons his playboy lifestyle for her, having found true love for the first time… But what will fate have in store for these two, engaged in the taboo relationship between teacher and pupil…!?

Sniff........sniff............this manga is so cute I could die! > x < I love it soo much! The storyline is great and I love it!!!! The art is amazing and the guy is so hot~!

Title: Arata Kangatari, Arata: The Legend
Author: Watase Yuu
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, School life, Shonen (Shojo?)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!

We then switch over to Arata, a 15 year old schoolboy from modern Japan who has incredible athletic ability but is plagued by bullies. After the Arata from ancient times runs into a mysterious forest and the Arata from modern times runs into an alleyway, the two mysteriously take each others place.

This manga makes me laugh! I really love the storyline and it feels very refreshing! The art isn't too bad either. I love it! I seriously have to read more by Watase Yuu.......

Title: Rakuen Route
Author: Tsukimiya An
Genres: Shojo, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( One day, an angel fell from heaven. Along the way, she lost two of her feathers. Now, she is banished from heaven until she can find them, and thus our story begins...

Rakuen Route makes my heart flutter with happiness! The art is down right amazing, cute and hot! The storyline is so cute and funny! I love it when she turns into her current 16 year old self when both of the guys start to blush really hard and says, "wow.....she really is our age". :D

Title: Seiten Nari
Author: Tsukimiya An
Genres: Shojo, Oneshot (TOO SHORT!), Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: ( Growing up in a single parent family, she longed to have a father and brothers. Imagine her excitement after hearing that her mother's remarriage will fulfill her wishes! However, upon arriving at her new home, she accidentally swallowed their family treasure and gains some unknown powers, even becoming her new "brother's" slave! From then on, her life began to change.

My goodness......the art is so awesome!!! Look at those eyes.......the bodies......the boys..........////> x <//// So hot~!! I love Tsukimiya An!! She is awesome!!!! Also read Teppen! :D

The storyline for this manga is just wayy too short and I demand this to be longer! The art is soo good......

Here are other manga's I think that could be great a recommendation like Faster than a Kiss! Sorry if they aren't Teacher x Student material.........I rarely read those and the genre I mostly read Teacher x Student relationships are probably in Yaoi. I don't think you want to read Yaoi! >:o


Drama Challenge Day 24:Your Worst Couple

I seriously don't have one.......such a waste of a post. :P I haven't come across one yet. Usually, friends would become couples and they would become the cutest couples ever. :D


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 23: Your Best Couple

Finally caught up! Heres one of my best couples!

Go Mi Nam and Tae Kyung from You're Beautiful

These two are just adorable! I love them together!! :D  


Drama Challenge Day 21-22: Your Worst Actor and Actress

I seriously haven't spotted one yet. I know this is going to be a waste of a post of just saying that in one separate post so I decided to put day 21 and 22 together. It works!

I don't have one! There would be the one odd actor in a drama but it would go as far as worst in my opinion. I'm too nice apparently. I know I'm not much help but I haven't watched that many dramas so.......feel free to recommend some to me! I love Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Filipino Drama's! I hate American Soap operas so never recommend them to me! > x <


Drama Challenge Day 20: Your Best Actress

I actually know who I'm going to pick! I have so many great actresses in mind but I have this one always stuck in my mind. Ever since watching the Taiwanese verison of Hana Kimi, Ella Chen has acted out Ashiya Mizuki or Rui Xi extremely well. When it got to certain scenes, man, she actually emphasized it and that scared me.

I know I would be spoiling the drama but one example is when Rui Xi was alone with this creeper and he was just about to rape her. That scene gave me chills. It was downright amazing and was done well.

Ella Chen


Drama Challenge Day 19: Your Best Actor

I have many! But only one has caught my eye and I have only time for one.....forgive me! I'm hungry at the moment and I want chocolate. All of my choices are hot. Plus, their acting skills are just amazing! I really want their choice of is so cool! Why is Asian clothing wayy cooler than American clothing? I just don't know why......

Lee Min Ho

He makes me laugh, cry and happy. He always make my heart flutter and ache. Lee Min Ho is such an amazing actor! Lee Min Ho plays numerous main characters and he does very well in them. One of them is Boys Over Flowers or City Hunter. :D

City Hunter


Drama Challenge Day 18: The Worst Drama you watched till the end

I have no idea. If the drama was bad, I would have stopped anyways. The only reason why I stop watching certain dramas because they are either too boring or the drama episodes aren't coming out fast enough. Its slightly very irritating when a drama episode doesn't come out.

I seriously can't think of one.........I'm sorry! > x <

Wait! I think I have a good one! I think the worst drama I watched till the end is the Filipino drama, Dyosa. Man, I was pretty young when this drama came out. My family was in Ontario and my mother got addicted to watching drama when we got back.

The one thing I hated about this drama was the effects. The storyline was totally, bleh. I'll admit it was utterly interesting but thats not the point. After watching tons of anime and now this again, I think I would die. The ending I hated and the actors and storyline didn't cut out for me. The effects was the most cheesiest in the world. ARGH.


Title: Dyosa
Type: Filipino Drama
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (Wiki)
Dyosa tells the story of Josephine who grew up unaware of her true identity as the " Takda" (Chosen One) and how she learns of her lineage and destiny in the world of gods and goddesses. The Takda who hails from the Kabanua is chosen to save humankind from the imbalance brought about by the evil forces of Kasamyans. Josephine lives in the world of mortals where she meets a comic illustrator, Mars (Zanjoe Marudo) from Makiling Publishing who draws the fate of the Dyosa with the powers from sky, earth, and water - Cielo, Tierra, Agua. Unknown to Mars, Josephine is the same as Dyosa whom he has fallen for in the form of Dyosa Cielo. Cielo is torn between her love for the mortal life - the mortal, Mars - and her duty as Takda.

Josephine is a young orphan who finally finds out she is no ordinary mortal after reaching the age of 18. After years of being raised by her foster parents, Josephine finds out she is the 'Takda' or Chosen One with divine powers and must help save the world from the Kasamyan, who are evil creatures from Lower Earth. After becoming a full-fledged goddess, Josephine also discovers that she has the power of the earth, air and water. To harness these powers, she takes the form of Dyosa Tierra, a centauride, Dyosa Agua, a mermaid, and Dyosa Cielo, a harpy. However, Josephine has to choose whether to heed the call of her destiny, to save the dying world of the gods and goddesses and to leave the life she has lived for 18 year or to resist her new role as a goddess and to give up her powers to stay in the human world with the mortal she loves.

The actors were really pretty and hot but their acting just didn't feel very real. I can't believe I lived through 115 episodes......I only watched this drama for the language and I had nothing better to do when I stayed with relatives in Ontario. I needed to learn my language again! I can understand Filipino but I can't speak it very well. I feel very Canadian when I try. It feels funny.......I'm getting there!


Drama Challenge Day 17: A drama you watched more than once

I'm really sorry!! I'm late by a week......oh well. Don't blame me, I had exams to worry about! I only had one but who cares! One Math final exam is extremely stressing to worry about! Oh! School is over now! WHOO HOO! Summer is taking its course and I get to sleep in and watch alot of stuff! :D :D

Pfft! I watched several drama's more than once! Here's my list. I love all of them and theres a reason why I watch them more than once, they are amazing! ^_^


Cardfight!! Vanguard Drama!!

Whoa!!! I'm freaking out.........I never knew that something like this would become a, just wow. I just found out last night! I was at a friends house and we were cruising on the internet when I caught a glimpse of Cardfight!! Vanguard. At first, I thought it was an anime, but it wasn't!

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Official Trailer

The storyline is a tad different of course but its all about cards. I'm such a geek. Don't blame me, I actually enjoyed watching the first episode. There isn't the character Aichi or Kai. The characters are completely different with a different story. Its interesting. If you want to read the anime version of the recommendation, read it here. Just so you know, theres a new season. I love it so much! Or read the drama versions below. :D

Title: Cardfight!! Vanguard Live Action
Genres: Comedy, Action, Drama
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: The story revolves around a timid boy named Hiroki. He is encountered by bullies one day and a mysterious man named Daigo came and "saved" him. The next day, Daigo appears once again but as a Special teacher. Each day, Daigo tries to help Hiroki build confidence and participate in Vaguard fights.

Hiroki-kun is so cute when he smiles!! :D

This is Daigo. He is quite hot! I don't know he is played by........I really want to know! To the internet! Ok, I found out that Daigo is actually from the band Breakerz.

I wish they used more effects. It seemed........a bit blank and not very thrilling if there wasn't any effects. Thats just me. :D


Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Day! Yaoi Challenge Day 30: A yaoi you will always love

Wow.....I can't believe I made it through! I know I'm.....two days late but Yay!! You know what else? School is ending!! Yay!!!!! My last day of school is My goodness, then its exams! I'm exempting French and Social. Sigh.......I'm really tempted to write the Social exam because it seems easy. My Social teacher this year was just amazing. I remember every single thing we have learned.

(Manga: Karneval. Scroll down for a manga recommendation! The art is amazing!! Just so you know, the manga is not a yaoi for you yaoi haters. Read the manga if you love Shonen!)

Wait, scratch that, I remember bits and peices. I'd say, she is a better Social teacher from what I had from last year. I love her!! You should check my other blog for Social. It's called, Students for the Congo. Don't worry, its not boring! In fact, its really interesting and is written by yours truely, Chibiko and Jen from the blog, Inside my Head. We are both classmates! :D

Jen and my classmates at the Art walk and spreading the word! :D

Since school has ended (I still have exams!), our projects about the Congo has closed for the summer. Being the person I am, I decided to keep the blog going! Please support the people of the Congo by spreading the word!

Anyways, a yaoi I will always love is, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi! I always will! I even read through and watched every single episode 5 times! I love other yaoi's but I'm pretty sure I haven't read them as much as Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. I just love it too much. Je l'aime beaucoup! Haha! Just so you know, that was French for, "I love it too much".

The only thing I hate about Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is the slow chapters!! Its killing me here!! I hate it!!!! Stupid chapters.....please come out faster!

Here is the proof I passed!! The 30 Day Yaoi Challenge~!! Feel free to click on the links!

Day 1 - The first yaoi you ever read/watched.
Day 2 - Favorite yaoi manga.
Day 3 - Favorite animated yaoi.
Day 4 - An anime series you think should have been a yaoi.
Day 5 - Favorite seme.
Day 6 - The reason you love yaoi.
Day 7 - Your OTP.
Day 8 - Favorite love scene.
Day 9 - Favorite uke.
Day 10 - List the yaoi you own.
Day 11 - Favorite yaoi mangaka.
Day 12 - Favorite yaoi voice actor.
Day 13 - Favorite doujinshi.
Day 14 - Would you be a seme or uke.
Day 15 - Recommend a yaoi for your followers.
Day 16 - Favorite opening theme song.
Day 17 - Favorite yaoi website.
Day 18 - A yaoi that broke your heart.
Day 19 - Yaoi manga you think should be animated.
Day 20 - Favorite theme. (School life, vampires, neko.. ect..)
Day 21 - Link to your favorite fanfiction.
Day 22 - Hardcore or softcore?
Day 23 - Favorite type of male. (appearance)
Day 24 - A yaoi that made you mad.
Day 25 - Your favorite drawing style.
Day 26 - A yaoi you’ve been intending to read/watch.
Day 27 - Pick a song that best fits your favorite pairing.
Day 28 - Anything you want thats yaoi related.
Day 29 - A yaoi that made you happy.
Day 30 - A yaoi you will always love.

This manga is not a yaoi! You are safe! Though......the type of person I am, I kinda wish this manga was a yaoi. I totally should have this manga for Day 4 of my yaoi challenge! Oh well. :D

There is going to be an anime!! WHOO HOO! I love this manga so much! Karneval totally deserves an anime! I'm using the same picture again because I feel lazy! Plus, the art is utterly breath taking!

Title: Karneval, カーニヴァル, K∀RNEVAL
Author: Touya Mikanagi
Genres: Action, Shojo (or Shonen), Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (Wiki) Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country's most powerful defense organization, "Circus".

The storyline made me think that Karneval was a shonen but its not. Its very interesting how manga's are put under such genres. Sometimes I don't get it.

Anyways, the storyline is just downright refreshing, amazing, original and funny! The art is so beautiful and flows gracefully on the pages. Man, if only I can draw like that! Karneval just inspired me to draw the style! Sometimes the art would bother me because the eyes are piercing and it looks life like........its cool!


French Assignment....

I know I'm such a loser. I'm supposed to be studying for Math but I don't feel like it! Yesterday, I started on this post but never got to finish it. So, I decided to post my French assignment I worked on for half and hour. Sorry about no pictures.............I'm feeling lazy! I had a Unit exam today and it was pretty easy! I was so shocked yesterday because I only studied French for an hour and a half. Its weird.........

Also, about the Challenges, I'll eventually get to that! I have two exams to study for! Just bear with me! :D

Jardin des Tuileries

À la Jardin des Tuileries on peut s’asseoir sur un chaise de jardin et se reposer. Ce parc a beaucoup de musée, le Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume et l’Orangerie. On peut voir beaucoup de peinture d’Oscar Claude Monet.

Jardin du Luxembourg

À Jardin du Luxembourg on peut voir la Fountaine de Médicis (en anglais >>Fountain of Medicis<<). Cette fontaine est un romantique baroque fontaine et on peut trouver la Fountaine au nord-est au parc.

Cirque d’Hiver

En anglais, le mot Cirque d’Hiver est >>Winter Circus<<. On peut vister ce bâtiment pour voir beaucoup de festival. Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain et Festival Mondial du Cirque de l'Avenir est très populaire.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

À la Bibliotèque Nationale de France a beaucoup des livres. La Bibliotèque Nationale de France est le plus grand dans le monde. Cette bibliotèque est très confortable.

Moulin Rouge (à droite)

Dans le Moulin Rouge, il y a beaucoup de spectacles pour adulte. On peut voir les filles danser.

Parc Monceau

On peut vister Parc Monceau prendre des photos avec les belles fleurs. Beaucoup des enfants aime y aller.

Place Vendôme

Beaucoup de personnes célèbres habiter près de Place Vendôme. Il y a beaucoup de magasin on peut acheter des bijoux.

Arc du Carrousel

Arc du Carrousel est le plus petit que les autre arcs. Il y a trois arc, Grande Arche de la Défense et l’Arc de Triomphe de l'étoile.

Musée du Louvre 

Au Musee du Louvre il y a beaucoup des arts célèbres comme le >>Mona Lisa<< ou La Jaconde en Français. La Jaconde a été acheter par King Francis I.

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise est le cimetière plus fameux dans le monde. Beaucoup d’artiste comme, Pissaro et Max Ernst, qui y ont été enterrés.

These are all places I really want to go to if I go to Paris, France! Sorry if you don't understand. :P


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Drama Challenge Day 16: A Drama you started but can't finish

Actually, I never leave a drama unfinished! I'm thinking really hard at the moment......hmm...I usually just stop watching a drama because well, the episodes don't seem to be interesting or it just isn't cutting out for me. I mean, the first couple episodes were either amazing or great but then it got longer. I just couldn't finish one or two drama's.

I'll be honest, I never finished Dream High or Gloria. I'm sorry for lying to a couple episodes, I got bored. I'm sorry if any of you watched the drama's and loved it but I just can't. Maybe one day I'll watch Dream High again but I'm too sure about Gloria. The first couple episodes were a tad too slow for me and got extremely complicated after a while.

I sometimes wish I never finished some drama's. Have you ever felt that before? I totally finished City Hunter but............the ending was just.....horrible! I was never statisfied with it! I'm really mad at the ending of Hong Gil Dong. It still sticks to my mind and I wish I finished the drama by ep 20 or something. Something not even near the end. I wanted the drama to end in a happy way! > x <


Yaoi Challenge Day 29: A yaoi that made you happy

Every single I've read by far! They all made me happy!! I have tons of yaoi manga recommendations to you go!

Title: Rutta to Kodama
Author: Fujitani Youko
Genres: Romance, Yaoi, Mature, Comedy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: Mature
Status: Completed

Summary: ( Rutta changed from a delinquent to a nice guy because of his new roommate, Miyagi Kodama. Kodama was unsure of his own feelings after Rutta’s confession. After seeing Rutta’s injuries caused from excessive fighting, Kodama finally decided to face the truth and accepted him.

The storyline is so cute! The first chapter was a bit quick but it still made me squeal like an idiot. The storyline is awesome!! The art is pretty good and it has its flaws. Its ok. I'll give the manga a 7/10. I loved it!


Title: Ai no Kusabi, 間の楔
Author: Rieko Yoshihara
Genres: Romance, Mature, Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: Mature
Status: Completed

Summary: (Wiki) This futuristic tale is set in a world where the Elites are assigned various social classes based on their hair color in the city of Tanagura. Iason Mink, a high-class "Blondie", runs into Riki, a black-haired "Mongrel", and makes him his "Pet" which Riki resents being. As Riki learns of the dangers Iason faces by keeping him, he finds himself developing feelings for his master.

Ai no Kusabi has such an interesting storyline. I watched both the new 2012 and old version of Ai no Kusabi. The art I'll admit was better in the new version.

I have more! This is my list!! :D Sorry if I miss one, I'm kinda in a rush! This is the last tuesday of actual school!! YAY! Read anything by Hinaka Takanga!! Follow the links provided so you can read my manga recommendations on them!

File:A Foreign Love Affair Cover.jpg

Crimson Spell 1 - Page 3