Monday, June 18, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 11: Your Favorite Dialogue

I seriously have no clue! I usually forget what other characters say and I only remember specific lines.....this calls for rewatching a drama! > x < Give me a second. My favorite episode is here somewhere........ah! Found it! This is one of my favorite dialogues! This is from Personal Taste. I have several from Hana Kimi too. Here it goes!

"That guy is gay"- Park Kae In

Lee Min Ho (Jeon Jin Ho) turns around

"Gay?"- Kim In Hee

"That's right. You're really good at seducing men, try to seduce him, too. What do you know? Your charms might just change his preference."- Park Kae In

"You're lying, right?"- Kim In Hee

"I don't lie right to someones face"- Park Kae In

HAHA! I love that so much! Episode 3 makes me laugh so much!

Here is a video of my favorite dailogue of Hana Kimi! They are more like lines but whatever!

This is so funny!!! Lovin episode 3!!! > x <


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