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Drama Challenge Day 2: Favorite Male Lead Character

Listen to this song while reading my post! Do it for me!! :D

Jung Yong Hwa- You've Fallen For Me Lyrics (Heartstrings OST) 

I discussed this with my best friend and I found out that I have so many favorites! Most of my favorite male characters are usually hot...... :D

Speaking of guys, something weird happened again when I was leaving school. If you have read my post about weird guys, you would understand. If not, I finally have time on my hands so I'll explain my situation. I was just walking home but my best friend spotted me. She says good-bye like any normal friend would do. However, I hear another "bye-bye" behind me and out of instinct, I say good-bye like an idiot thinking it was another one of my friends. But when I looked back, it was one of the popular twins at our school. I'll assume its Adam........he is so weird.

This was my face when I found out. I know, I got it from my other post.

This goes to my into my weird thing today. I'm walking out the door with my best friend and it turns out we were walking behind one of the popular twins which I think is Adam. He turns back and sees me and my best friend. He says hi and says my name. It may not seem weird to you but it is to me. I haven't had one class with this kid since 8th grade and he still knows my name. I'm so weird! > x < He looks at me funny whenever I'm walking in the hallways. I did have my hair up today. Maybe there was a peice hanging out or I was laughing so hard with my friends. Sigh. I don't guys.

Anyways, back to the challenge! I feel much better with that out of my system.

I have so many favorites! They aren't in order.......I'll just name them out and tell you which drama they play in! Of course, I'll do recommendations if I haven't done so!

Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin

Jung Yong Hwa is one actor that plays my favorite lead characters! He is so hot~!! He played in Korean drama's that I dearly love such as Heartstrings and You're Beautiful. He played Kang Shin-Woo in my favorite drama of all time, You're Beautiful. He also played Lee Shin in another favorite drama of mine, Heartstrings.
Park Shin Hye (Left) plays Gyu Won and Jung Yong Hwa (Right) plays Lee Shin in Heartstings

Jung Yong Hwa plays my favorite male lead character, Lee Shin from Heartstrings! In You're Beautiful, Jung Yong Hwa's character didn't show lots of his musical talent. But in Heartstrings, you get to see him shine with his guitar and his hot, beautiful voice! In real life, Jung Yong Hwa is the lead singer for the band, C.N. Blue. I love C.N Blue's songs!! They are amazing! Here's a song by them! One of my favorites!

CN Blue - Love Revolution (English Subbed)

A character that I will always love is, Nakatsu Shuichii from the manga/drama Hana Kimi. He is played by so well in the Japanese or Taiwanese version. Both versions show great acting of the character Nakatsu. I'm pretty sure anybody can pull off his character. Its so funny! I just love Nakatsu so much!

Actors for Hana Kimi were well done. I think Ella Chen (Taiwanese version) pulled off the cross dressing part better than Horikita Maki. I know Horikita Maki had a cuter, Ashiya Mizuki but she looked so much like a girl! Any guy could have guessed her gender!

This was just an extra picture to get you to read Hana Kimi! Actually I found this while looking for pictures........anways! Umeda is such a funny character! They don't show very much of his fun side in the Drama but he makes the drama more interesting being the gay doctor and all.

Poor Mizuki......

Both actors for the Japanese and Taiwanese version did a very good job on playing Nakatsu but I think Jiro Wang (Taiwanese version) was hottest actor for Nakatsu. I'm sorry. Ikuta Toma (Japanese version) did (I think) the most amazing job with Nakatsu. He pretty much stole the show for me. But he is average looking compared to Jiro Wang. I'm sorry!! > x < I guess I have to prove it. Here! Sorry these were shown on my last post but I just love so much that I had to put them in this post too! He is so hot!! //T ^ T//

Jiro Wang

Ikuta Toma

This next guy is like the hottest man I have ever seen play my favorite characters. There are so many hot guys and I'm pretty sure no one else can beat his hotness (until I find another one!). His name is, Lee Min Ho. He plays my favorite male lead character, Lee Yoon Sung in City Hunter.

Lee Min Ho is so hot!! I just love his hair and character in City Hunter! Lee Yoon Sung is like a bad ass character! He is soo cool! Look at these pictures!! I'm about to die of Lee Min Ho's hotness!! > x <

He is so delicious!! //> x <//

Lee Hin Ho also plays Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean version of Hana Yori DangoBoys Over Flowers. His hair is curly in this one and I'm not a big fan. However, his character was still done very well and protrayed the character of Tsukasa from the original Japanese version.

Lee Min Ho is the 3rd to your left. See what I mean? I'll put one more picture out there...

The rest.......are just very hot pictures that I love!

Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong (another actor from Boys Over Flowers)

Ok, one more character! I really love Jeremy from You're Beautiful! His character is so funny! I'm in love with his hair!! He is played by F.T Islands lead singer, Lee Hongki. He is such a hottie!!! I think I died and went to heaven! ^ _ ^

Jeremey's character is so cute and quite outgoing. He is the youngest of the band, A.N.G.E.L.L hence he is the most immature. I really love his character! His voice is so hot.......

Here! I found this on youtube and these are the funny scenes from You're Beautiful! I just love Jeremy! His voice is amazing when he sings!! Warning, may contain spoilers!

Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) You're Beautiful Funny Scenes

Jeremy (Part 2) ( Lee Hong Ki) Funny Scenes In He's Beautiful. xD 

A song I love from F.T Island! Lee Hongki's hair is darker in this one but he still looks utterly hot!

F.T Island- Girls Don't Know

These are just my favorite songs from You're Beautiful! The OST is just beautiful and amazing! The songs are so catchy!

ANJell - As Ever / Still [You're Beautiful OST]

A.N.JELL - Promise ( You're Beautiful OST ) [mini concert music video]

I also love Go Mi Nam's (Park Shin Hye) hair from You're Beautiful!!


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