Monday, June 18, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 13: You're favorite "I love you"

I don't know!! This is going to be really hard.......I forget!!

"I'm going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you."- Tae Kyung (You're Beautiful)

"I like you. But, I don't have the confidence to let you go. That's why, you let go of me first"- Yoon Sung (City Hunter)

"I’ll let her go,
I won’t let her go,
I have to let her go,
I can’t let her go,
I can let her go,
I don’t…want to let her go.”-
My Girl

I totally forgot how said that little heart bursted when I read that line............can someone tell me who said that line! I'm too lazy to rewatch anything at the moment!

“There’s already someone I love. She’s the first in my life and for the rest of my life, she’ll be the only one. You still want to marry me?”Jun Pyo (Boys Before Flowers)
“I like you. Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore.” – Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)

“I want to live with you. For the rest of my life, I want to eat together, talk together, sleep together, be together. Do I need any other reason?” – Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)


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