Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard Drama!!

Whoa!!! I'm freaking out.........I never knew that something like this would become a drama......wow, just wow. I just found out last night! I was at a friends house and we were cruising on the internet when I caught a glimpse of Cardfight!! Vanguard. At first, I thought it was an anime, but it wasn't!

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Official Trailer

The storyline is a tad different of course but its all about cards. I'm such a geek. Don't blame me, I actually enjoyed watching the first episode. There isn't the character Aichi or Kai. The characters are completely different with a different story. Its interesting. If you want to read the anime version of the recommendation, read it here. Just so you know, theres a new season. I love it so much! Or read the drama versions below. :D

Title: Cardfight!! Vanguard Live Action
Genres: Comedy, Action, Drama
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: The story revolves around a timid boy named Hiroki. He is encountered by bullies one day and a mysterious man named Daigo came and "saved" him. The next day, Daigo appears once again but as a Special teacher. Each day, Daigo tries to help Hiroki build confidence and participate in Vaguard fights.

Hiroki-kun is so cute when he smiles!! :D

This is Daigo. He is quite hot! I don't know he is played by........I really want to know! To the internet! Ok, I found out that Daigo is actually from the band Breakerz.

I wish they used more effects. It seemed........a bit blank and not very thrilling if there wasn't any effects. Thats just me. :D


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