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Drama Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Lead Character

This is going to hard..........I can't remember some of them!!! I'll just one that is my absoloute favorite because I'm kinda feeling lazy and I need to do homework. I'm such a loser.

This quote was just for fun! I really love this one!! I'll do a recommendation at the end of this post!.....hopefully. I'm really busy and its raining...........thunder is scary!!!! I'm sorry for being a wimp but I am really terrified of thunder. Sigh. > x < Maybe next post!

Dream High

Music is the most common language in the world.”Teacher Kang

Oh!! I totally missed a quote from "Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Lead Character". Here it is.......if you don't mind! :D


“I have a dream. My dream is to move someone’s heart with something I make, to make the people I love smile. I might not be able to make this dream of mine come true with music. But I will make it happen in this very restaurant.”Eisuke

Maybe a couple more...I just realized I had more awesome quotes while rewatching my favorite dramas!

Warrior Baek Dong Soo

"Just remember one thing – I… can never give up on you, I will never give up.”Dong Soo

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

“No matter how the world changes there are things that you need to protect. Even though you can change your car, you don’t change love. No matter how cruel the world becomes, love shouldn’t change.”Chi Soo

It Started with a Kiss

“Like a broken record, she kept telling me that she loved me… it was so annoying. But when this became a regular part of my life and I took it for granted, she suddenly told me she didn’t love me anymore. I can still clearly remember the nauseating feeling I had when she said that. I should have been relieved, but that didn’t seem to be the case. In this world I can do 90% of the things she cannot do. The remaining 10% that she can do that I cannot do, she can do it in a way that no one else can. It is mostly because of that she touched me.”Zhi Shu

“The one that you love is me. You’re not allowed to love anybody else.”Zhi Shu

“Where would I go to kind someone as right for me as you? Like this, I can have the perfect embrace. And the you that completes me.”Zhi Shu

Female leads start here! I'm such a loser.....

City Hunter

"Because I like you. Even though you’re weird and talk harshly, I like you. I know, I’m not your type – you’re not my type either. But, I still like you. I always want to see you. I feel miserable now… but I want to be faithful to my feelings.”Nana

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

“When I grew older, I thought I would become an even more special person. But, it’s not true. I eat more and I know a lot more things but I just become more pathetic. Is this what it’s like to grow old?”Eun Bi

Why are you doing this to me? What kind of country did I save in my previous life?”- Eun Bi

“That’s right. I’m scared to death. You said it’s your first time, feeling chest pain, and nausea. Well it’s not mine. I’ve felt that before, and I know how crazy hot it boils, and how dangerous it is. And I know myself. I’m a Yang Eun-nem-bi (Silver Pot), so I boil faster, and hotter, than everyone else.”Eun Bi

Skip Beat!

"If apologising really worked, nobody would go to hell after they die!”Gong Xi

“Even if I gave love, I can’t guarantee that the other will give love back. Even if I was willing to sacrifice my future, I wouldn’t be able to touch the other’s.”Gong Xi

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

"A person with no will to fight will never be happy.”Mei

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

“The other day at work, I had this thought – Even if I could just be by his side, that would be nice. Then I wouldn’t have anything more to wish for.”Eun Chan

“Han Kyul told me not to work at the coffee anymore. But I don’t want to give up my job there. Because… I need the money – that’s an excuse… I love coffee too much – that’s an excuse too. It’s so warm and great that I almost forgot that I’m in a lie. Now I know I made a mistake. But I’m always hoping he’s there with me, always wishing he would like only me. I’m not a guy nor a girl. And I’m too scared to tell him.”Eun Chan

Spy Myung Wol

"It’s hard to tell what goes on in a relationship between a man and a woman, unless you’re them.”- from Spy Myung Wol

You're Beautiful

"He’s like a bright, shining star. When I receive that light, I feel brighter and also darker. When it’s bright I get my hopes up, and when it darkens I feel disappointment. I hate myself for this and feel ashamed.”Mi Nam

Secret Garden

"The things you say are true. It’s all true. But, you fool, where in the world is there a woman who would foster a tender, happy love only to disappear like sea foam? No woman starts a love with a designated end.”Ra Im

“Among the four seasons, I like winter the best. The face is cold and the body is hot. Even though you’re tired, you freeze when you stop walking. I like it when I have to walk and walk until my heart bursts. Because if you continue to walk, eventually you get on the top of the mountain.”Ra Im

People think I'm crazy because I love the winter!


"There are things that are thought of as fantasies merely because they’re far away. Starry bodies are like that. Just as it is with people who are too beautiful, they readily disappear – In the books that I’d read to find out what he’s really like, this was a passage that had long settled in my heart. It’s now that I realize it, how beautiful a person he is. And therefore, how far away he is from me. He’ll disappear someday, too, like people do when they’re too beautiful.” Ra-Im

“Where on earth is a woman who’ll jump at the chance to happily and beautifully cultivate a love that’ll just turn to bubbles? Nowhere in the world is there a woman who will start a love, giving up the ending. That’s why we’ll never work. We have no answer.”Ra-Im

Personal Taste

"A person like you has never waited all day for a phone call from the person you like. Or felt that your heart might burst, just from looking at this person. You could die and come back from the grave and never know. The person who made me feel that way told me to come outside. No matter how wrong he was, I want to hear him out. What can I do? I’m just built like this, so what can I do?” Kae In

“You being by my side is the biggest comfort.”Kae In

“I’m just going to trust you. Even if I get used a hundred, a thousand times, I’m just going to trust you. Even if it’s foolish. That’s the advantage of being Park Gae-In. Even if you use me again, even if I’m sad again, I’m just going to trust you. Because I can’t say goodbye like this.”Kae In

“The next time you’re born, please be born as a man who can love a woman.”Kae In


“What’s with you? You judge a person by their appearance and crush them. You think you’re that cool?”Kyu Won


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