Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally posted a video on youtube!

Hey guys! This post will be quite short.......but whatever! I had a jamming session with one of my managers from Mcdonalds and we sounded awesome today! We didn't have a really good camera but we ended up using a phone to record it all! We did more songs but I managed to upload one for now. I'm the girl singing................I hope I sounded alright! My brother is playing the piano (he looks a bit like me right?) and the one playing guitar is my manager, Tito Mike! ^_^

We did a song for church which I hope you guys don't mind. It's a really pretty song, whether your religous or non-religous. Please listen to it! I finally had the guts to show my face on youtube. Plus, I did it with my singing voice. I can't really sing very good but I'm getting there! I hope you guys can forgive my poor voice. I'm taking voice lessons and I'm in choir but I still have a long way to go!

I Could Sing of your Love Forever


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Upcoming Anime: January list!!!!!!!!!!! *MUST SEE*

It's almost the end of the world.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!..................wait, what date is it? Oh.........................its the 25th. Wow. I'm crazy!! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting! I'm not dead or anything, I'm just freaking busy with school, my birthday (I know, happy birthday to me.....) and other stuff. I'm feeling happy today because well, today is Christmas!!!!! YAY!! I get to sleep in and work my butt off!!! Also, I recently went to the mall! I bought lots of stuff!! I'm soo excited to try out my new makeup!

That's weird. *Chills down spine*

This is the first time I'm getting excited over makeup. I'm not even kidding. What has happened to me?!??!

Anyways, my Physics class got to go the amusement park, Galaxy Land, to do calculations and such. Did I mention that the amusement park was in a mall?! Anyways, the worksheet wasn't hard and it was entertaining watching people go on rides. I'm not the type person to go on rides, especially when I went to Galaxy Land soooo many times. I've ridden the rides with my siblings and I'm getting tired of them.

I pretty much went on the trip to skip school (not really....) and go shopping! Speaking of new things, I looked at the animenewsnetwork website and there's some anime's that I'm extremely happy that they are getting an anime!!!!!! I just want to let you guys let us proceed!! You guys MUST watch it them once they come out or read them!!!!! They are amazing!!!! If you guys have questions, just comment. This is just a list of upcoming anime and some of them don't have information yet. I'm sure some of them are based on roleplaying games so I can't really provide that kind of information. Just gaze at their pretty pictures!! I have done some recommendations on some of them so I'll put a link to them. If not, I'll do recommendations on them after their pictures. Have fun!

Air Date: 2013 04
I'm happy that this is getting an anime!!!!!!!!!! The storyline is absolutely amazing, and the art is to die for. Oh my goodness..................the art is beautiful! I just want to marry the hot men right now!!

You guys know my header and background for my blog? Well, the anime/game is Amnesia. See those hot guys? I know, they are delicious! The anime isn't coming out just yet but soon!!! I'm excited!!! But I don't have a recommmendation for this anime yet and I can't find the information for it because its a PSP game in Japan. I wish it was in English so I can read it!
Well, I looked the summary and such so here's the recommendation. I'll add more information when the day of the Amnesia anime comes closer because they will probably get more info out so look foward to it!
Title: Amnesia
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Action, Drama, Mystery
Based off: PSP Game
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing
Air Date: January 8, 2013
Summary: ( The game begins on the morning of August 1, when the protagonist wakes up and discovers she has absolutely no memories of the past. A boy appears before her, and he introduces himself as a "spirit" named Orion. The protagonist struggles to regain her memories under the guidance of Orion. She then gets a phone call, but she does not recognize the name on her mobile phone screen. She meets her apparent "boyfriend," despite not knowing his face.
Doki! Doki! Precure
Title: Doki! Doki! Pretty Cure, ドキドキ! プリキュア Dokidoki! PuriKyua
Genres: Comedy, Shojo, Magical Girl, Action, School life, Fantasy
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Ongoing
Air Date: 2013-02-03 (Febuary 3, 2013)
Summary: (wiki) Aida Mana is a girl who is always eager to do things for the sake of others.
One day, when she was visiting the Clover Tower during her school's orientation program, an enemy who called themselves "Selfish" appeared suddenly, and tried to manipulate her inner heart! To fight
this enemy, she borrowed power from a magical fairy Sharuru to transform into Pretty Cure!
To protect the peace of the world, other legendary Pretty Cure soon joined her in battle! A mysterious baby also appears, making each day a "Heartthrob" experience! The 4 Cures, always holding "love" in their hearts, are battling for the world's fate!
I can't wait for the anime to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks extremely good! People, don't go hating this anime. I know its so kiddy but hey, I enjoy it! It makes me feel young! Well, yeah I am young but whatever! I just love Pretty cure!!!! ^_^
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker Hen
Air Date: 2013-01-13

I'm extremely excited that Cardfight!! Vanguard is getting another season It's pretty interesting and I love watching this anime. I want to learn more about it and watching it reminds me of Yu-gi-oh and when I was a kid. I just love it to pieces!!! :D

Air Date: 2013 04

OH MY GOSH! *Fangirls* OH OH OHOOHOHOHOMYMYYY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for this anime to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYAYAY!!!!! I want to see the hot guys sing.................and the storyline to open and develop further!!! I'm freaking excited!!! This is wayy better than getting a boyfriend people!!! WHOOHOO!
Air Date: 2013 04
The manga is EXTEMELY awesome and I recommend it to everyone!!! It's amazing and I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy that it is finally getting an anime. It deserves it!!! I can't wait to see it on the screen..........I hope the voice actors are good!! I can't wait!!!! > x <
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Air Date: 2013 04

This is going to be an interesting anime! This anime looks good so I put it on my *Must See* list. I'm excited! It looks like a promising anime. There isn't very much information but I found the trailer! I found it on this site and this guy has a great blurb about it. You guys check it out!

アニメ「翠星のガルガンティア」ティザーPV [Suisei no Gargantia]


Air Date: 2013 04

Yay! Chihayafuru is getting a second season!!! YAY! The manga is getting better and it totally deserves another season!! YAY!!
AKB0048 Next Stage

Air Date: 2013-01-05
Title: AKB0048
Genres: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Seinen, Drama
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing
Summary: (wiki) At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth's ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. In several planets of this new society, things that "disturb the heart" like music and art are forbidden. 48 years later, the legendary idol group AKB48 is resurrected as the interplanetary troupe AKB0048, made up of girls who carry on the title and spirit of the original members. Held as heroines by some and labeled as terrorists by others, they must take up arms to bring their music to their fans wherever they are. The story follows a group of young hopefuls as they train to become the next generation of AKB0048.

This anime is going to be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the storyline and I just fell in love with the first season like no tomorrow. I can't wait for it to come out. I love the songs and different characters and it makes my day every time. ^_^
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Title: Cuticle Detective Inaba
Author: Mochi
Genres: Comedy, Shonen, Fantasy, Action, Mystery
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing
Air Date: January 4, 2013
Summary: ( The redhead detective with hair fetish, Inaba Hiroshi, together with his powerful (?) sidekicks fights against the Italian Mafia and their boss, Don Valentino (who's actually a goat) in this detective gag story!

From Deka Scanlation Group:

The scarlet dog detective invites us to a labyrinth full of exciting cases!! Inaba Hiroshi is a red-haired detective with a hair fetish, and together with his efficient (?) young male assistants, they fight off the attacks of an ambitious Italian mafia (which is a goat though). This is a gag story of a detective who thwarts off the mafia's every design (and getting quite sick of it)!!
I'm so happy that this manga is getting an anime!!! The manga sooo interesting!! I can't to see it in action!!!

I guess that's all of the anime I'm going to be excited about for now. Here's one last manga recommendation before the New Year!

Title: Sougiya Riddle
Author: Higasa Akai
Genres: Comedy, Shonen Ai, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( From Mango Scans:
Hayato Sakura, a normal high school student. Everything about him is normal except one thing: ghosts are attracted to him.

One day, someone saved him from all the ghosts he had attracted. His so-called hero introduced himself as Undertaker Riddle who sends spirits to peace. Sakura then asked him a favor if he could help him get rid of the ghosts, and in exchange he'll do anything. Undertaker Riddle then offered Sakura to work for him as an Undertaker too.

Will he take the job and get rid of the ghosts, or decline the job and have the ghosts on his tail for the rest of his life?

This manga is soo funny and cute! I love the art and the storyline. I think is pretty creative and interesting. I just wish the mangaka made it more Shonen ai.................I want more love people!!! It sucks when the manga isn't showing enough love!!! > x <

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!! Arigatou~!!

Merry Christmas/Birthday: Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey guys! I'm extremely sorry for not posting. I have lots of things to tell you guys but I never got around to do it! I've been so busy with work and school. Not to mention, I've been at parties all week. I'm not even kidding. I've been alot of turkey and ham..............I think I've gained pounds for once! I'm happy!!! Anyways, today was a lucky day where I get to sleep in and actually do what I want. Man, I'm so tired!!! > x <

I found this on my tumblr! I just wanted to show you guys! I died of Pikachu's cutness~!!! He is extremely adorable!

I want to let everyone know that I'm happy to say Merry Christmas to all my faithful followers and anyone reading this. I love you guys!!! ^_^ I have alot of manga's and anime's to recommend so stay tune guys, I have lots of unfinished posts and I'll be posting all of them today (hopefully..) so yeah. That is my Christmas present to you guys. >:o

Me and my Pikachu hat!! ^_^ I look cute right? Wait, don't answer that! I'll get embarrassed!

Well a couple days ago was my birthday so yeah....................I can't believe I'm 16 already. I got quite a bit of stuff too. I'm extremely happy!

You know what's funny? People had to look at me three or five times and ask me how old I was to confirm my age. I look extremely young for my age apparently. People say that I look like I'm 12 or 13. Geeze...........I don't look that young! > x < Here, I have some pictures of what I got. Plus, I had a singing concert on my birthday so I didn't have a party but whatever. At least I got to hang with my friends after the concert. It was fun!

Guess which one is me. Kidding. I'm the one on the far right with the pink dress and glasses. If I haven't told you my age, what would you have guessed??? I'm curious. ^_^ Comment people!!! Hahahaha!
Last Friday, me and my friends went to the new Sushi shop in town and we ate there for lunch. My friends treated me because it was birthday gift for me. I loved the food, it was amazing!
Well, here are my birthday presents! I got to see the Hobbit and I got this big teddy bear from my co-workers from Mcdonalds. I love them. My brother got off work and walked in with a big huge bag in his hands. It turned out it was from my managers, Tita Abie and Tito Rey. My co-workers decided to get me a card and signed it. I almost cried. I didn't expect it and I was extremely happy that day!
As for Christmas presents, I got a couple new Aeropostal shirts and sweaters. I have another stuffed animal, a chapters gift card, chocolate, a watch and an awesome trench coat. The trench coat made my day because I've been dying to get one for Christmas for sooo long!!! >:D
Well, thanks for reading this post guys! You guys have a safe and fun Christmas break! ^_^

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!! Arigatou~!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blogger or Tumblr?

Hey guys! I have been comtemplating about getting a tumblr for a while and I finally decided to go for it. So far it's pretty awesome. I honestly took hours to find the right tumblr template for my blog. It was hard! It was so different from blogger..............but it was interesting how everything worked.

I've had my Tumblr account for..............almost a month? Maybe not even. But anyways! I'm enjoying Tumblr like nothing! I'm so addicted to it and it's crazy. I wonder  Tumblr is great for instant pictures, quotes.....................anything! I love it so much!! You guys should check it out!

I know, it sucks. I'm just starting ok? :)

But why ask, Blogger or Tumblr? Well, I wanted to hear your guys opinion! Now, no arguing about which one sucks the most because, I love using BOTH of them. It's like Twitter or Facebook. I prefer Facebook than Twitter because that's my personal opinion. I'm not going to say why because that will take pretty much the whole post and I don't want to bore you guys!

Well, it's been in a while since I recommended a manga so here you guys go!

Title: Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare
Author: Setsuri Tsuzuki
Genres: Romance, Shojo, Action, Comedy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (From Aerandria Scans) The heir of the huge Fushiki corporation, Tomoe, comes to Japan as an exchange student. He is his father’s youngest child and on top of that - his mistress’s child, but he was still appointed as heir. There’s danger that people will aim for his life. They attach to him a new maid, with glasses, naturally clumsy and ill-mannered... who turns out to be his new bodyguard, defending Tomoe with her mop!

Man..................this manga was interesting. The male lead has drawn me into the manga and I'm enjoying every bit of it. The art is beautiful and the males are just sexy! I hate the romance in this story. It's so underdeveloped and sucks. It could use some work. But overall, the storyline is quite interesting and awesome. You guys should really try reading this action packed manga!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Meg!!! :D

Meg's hairstyle reminds me of Haruhi from Ouran Highschool Host Club
Hey everyone! I know you guys are expecting manga recommendations and I will get there eventually. I'll admit this post won't be my greatest but I just want to take a moment or two to wish a Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever, Meg! Like, every best friend out there, I love to talk to her, share secrets, watch anime, talk about guys..............and look out for each other. At times I really think she looks out for me ALL the time and I appreciate it.

It's pretty difficult trying to do french and listening to you talking. Especially when we finally have computers for french and you happen to sit next to me while I write this post. Thanks alot. :P

Let's have a movie/drama/anime marathon during christmas break!!

Oh and yes, thanks alot for making me sick minded. I definetely appreciate it. :P

It's kinda funny how our birthday's are exactly 10 days apart. Plus, I'm shorter than her. I guess that's a bonus for her. Did I mention she is like a genius in like everything? Why do all my friends have to smarties? Well, its an extreme advantage when they are amazing in math and they can teach you better than the teacher can!

Anyways, I got some of my friends to say something! I'm pretty sure Meg doesn't wants to hear me all the time so here! Here's their comments to Meg! Guess who they are! Just don't kill me...........I kinda did it last minute and yeah...........but I want to say something first!

Recognize this manga?

"Hey, Meg. Like my post so far? I know, pretty boring but hey, wait until you get to the bottom. :P I'm extremely happy that you got a boyfriend. Well, a "potential" boyfriend. Don't kill me just yet. I'm kinda jealous but hey, being single isn't so bad. It would be nice to find someone like your boyfriend! He is extremely sweet~! I just noticed that your life is like a manga! That's pretty cool!!! But anyways, thanks for being my bestest friend when I needed it. I love it when we watch tons of anime and read manga together. You made my life just a little more exciting and somewhat dramatic but whatever. :) I love it when you call or talk to me, it makes my day everytime. You have made coming to school something I look forward to every single day. You save my butt in choir and I'm not even kidding. I can sing without you but you are my safety net when it comes to singing the right notes! Thanks for getting me into singing. My mother appreciates it alot. My family loves it when you come over and hang with me. They love you! ^_^ I love coming to your house and just watching random movies on Netflix. It's fun and it way better than doing homework. It's not like we have any classes together anymore but hey, thats what afterschool and lunch is for right? Thank you alot and hope you enjoy your days with your potential boyfriend. Just talk to me once in a while ok? I get lonely too you know! I'd just like to say that it's extremely entertaining watching you and............that boy together. If he ever hurts you in anyway, I'll kill him for hurting my best friend. You know I mean it. But knowing him, he won't be doing that for a while. :) Have a great 16th Birthday~! I'm sure your phone and facebook is overflowing with texts and happy birthday messages."Chibiko 

Now..................where did that picture that "he" took when you were at the cast party? *Evil smile* Don't worry, I'm not that mean to post it up. You would kill me. You know..........I could have photoshoped something.............but no. :)

"Meghan is one of the nicest people I know and I hope she knows that I support her and believe in her."- Claire bear

"You and me could make it street singing in Edmonton with just a keyboard. We have a love for performing that trumps any other natural adrenaline rush. I admire you for your perseverance and your dedication to the things you love (dance, choral speech, singing, and everything in between including school). I hope you spend this birthday surrounded by friends and family and that special plus one ;) BTW super excited for you for that one, although I am suuuper jealous because he's pretty awesome :) enjoy that marshmallow lip gloss and enjoy being 16 (the legal driving age although you defy this standard ;) )"- Bluegrass

Seriously Meg, don't kill me!
"MEG!!! What can I say? Well, first of all I'm not going to get into the whosit and the whatsit ands the whatnot. I'm sure others will touch on that. You are incredibly talented! Acting, singing, dancing, ect. You rule it all and even though it makes me insanely jealous I am so freaking proud of you! I am always glad to to sing near you because I can trust you to not lead me the wrong way. Next, you are freaking hilarious! I can always depend on you to make me laugh! If I do end up moving you will be one of the people I miss the most! Happy birthay! Enjoy being sixteen! Its pretty great :)-" iwuvyoo
"I started it"- Tacoman

"When I'm with her I get this overwhelming feeling of happiness that's inexplicable. Even when I feel down when im with her a feel like the happiest guy on earth. I'm so happy that I met her and they have started a thing together. She is now the most important thing to me and I don't want to let her go."- Lover Boy


Monday, December 3, 2012

Katekyo Hitman Reborn ENDING!

If you haven't read this amazing manga or watched the anime, DO IT. You won't regret it!
I'M GOING TO CRY (again....)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sitting in the cafeteria when my friend Em told me about how Amano Akira is going to end Katekyo Hitman Reborn with two or so chapters. Yes, you read it right, the manga is going to END. NOT THE ANIME. That has ended a LONG time ago. I don't care about the anime! The manga is the subject today and I quite enjoyed looking for pictures for my post today! I hope you enjoy them......... :)

WHJKKSLSDKFLKAGJLAJ?!??!? %$^$@#$%*&^##$%!!!!

In other words, Seriously?!??!?? Amano could you do that?!??! After so many years of waiting for the chapters, laughing, crying and more decide to end the manga just like that?! Can't you just do that with 10 more chapters. I feel like ending a manga in TWO chapters is a bit rushed! What is wrong with you?!??!??! I'm going to start crying again!!

Since she decided to do that, I/we have to wait a year for the next chapter to come out!!! I understand about that but really???!!?! Please, don't do it Amano Akira! * ^ *

I'm such a big fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! That manga/anime has gotten me into Shonen manga/anime after all. I'm really sad that my top favorite manga's is going to end in two chapters. this is ridiculus Chibiko, calm yourself.

HOW CAN I DO THAT?!?!?!? WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Akira Amano, if you choose to do that, make sure the chapters are decent wait, AMAZING, so the wait for the chapters didn't go to waste. I'm going to miss Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It's just so sad and depressing. What am I going to do with my life now?!

Random picture.............yaoi. ^_^


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Plastic Surgery...

I recently just finished watching a Korean movie called "200 Pounds Beauty". was so beautiful~!!!!! My eyes are still extremely puffy and its midnight (I hope my parents aren't awake!) so I'm sorry if nothing makes sense. When I'm tired, nothing ever makes sense. (WARNING: RANT AHEAD)

Anyways, why name this blog post "Plastic Surgery"? Well, the movie was about a fat and ugly girl named Hanna who sang for a extremely pretty and skinny girl named Ammy. Ammy is a famous singer across Korea. Little that everyone knows, Ammy uses Hanna's voice for concerts and albums. In the end, Ammy is in front of everyone dancing and lip sycning while Hanna does the real work backstage.

Horrible right? That's not the half of it.

Hanna has this love for the producer and he is really nice to her (he is!!) until Ammy goes about humilating her at his birthday party. When he goes to confront Ammy, Hanna overhears their conversation that tears her heart apart. That jerk tells Ammy to be nice to Hanna because if she walks from the company, Ammy's "career" will crumble. The horrible thing is, he says, "We are just using her". Hanna had enough of it and goes to get plastic surgery on her whole body. She comes back a year later as Jenny with a super model body and a new attitude of becoming a REAL singer through Ammy's company.

"200 Pounds Beauty" is just amazing. I laughed hard, enjoyed the singing and loved (or hated) each and everyone of the characters. I cried so much at the end, I'm not even kidding. This movie is great to watch with loved ones or friends. I recommend this movie to anyone!

Since I was bored, I decided to look up on what plastic surgery is. I know, its quite obvious what plastic surgery is but hey, it would be interesting to know more about it. Plastic surgery is widely known for beauty such as boob implants, ( can totally tell those are fake) but plastic surgery can also help with burns, scars, hand surgerys.....etc. I won't go on about it because well, this is going to turn into a report! Back to the movie! (Ranting will commence..........NOW!)

This movie made me realize the true meaning of beauty. I think I'm tearing up again.....................anyways. Even though external beauty is always what everyone looks for (I'm guilty of that....), its what the inside counts. I don't want a beautiful hot man with a horrible attitude. I'd rather have an average looking guy who is nice and (my type...) easy to get along with. Hanna has made an interesting point about plastic surgery, "It's for those who lack confidence". I agree with that! I know there are tons of downsides to plastic surgery but hey, don't judge people who get them. I just hate the type of girls who are naturally pretty and get a freaking nose job because they think its not pretty enough for them. It's quite irritating when people just get it on a whim. But that's how we look at it. I won't judge them and I'm pretty sure they aren't confident in themselves so people, don't say anything bad about them. They have a life that you will never see so...........yeah. I just hate it when people go about and judge other people. I mean, no offence but, look at yourself first before judging other people.

Just so you people know, I too have confidence problems. I'm skinny but not anerexic. I love food too much to leave it. When I don't eat, my mother thinks I'm sick or somethings wrong. So, you people out there experiencing confidence problems, don't take it out on yourself or other people. If you want to change your appearance, do it the safe the way. What I'm saying is, if you want to lose weight, don't go to diet pills or not eating. I get worried when my friends don't eat! If you want to lose weight, just adjust your diet so you will lose weight slowly. Don't do anything quickly, it will be dangerous for your body. Do not go to plastic surgery. I'm sorry. My personal opinion is that you won't feel like yourself. Sometimes when I put makeup on, I don't feel like I'm me and I'm hiding behind the makeup. It's like a mask or a shell. It can make you pretty but once its gone, people iwll look at you differently. Plastic surgery can be like that. I know I'm going to spoil parts of the movie but when the main characters kiss, the main character who got plastic surgery, doesn't want the guy to touch her boobs.

You won't feel like yourself. The main character has fake boobs and thats.................weird. It was awkward to even watch and I could tell it was a big turn off. Anyways.....................respect yourself! I know its hard but hey, you aren't alone! You are beautiful. I hate it when people call me beautiful because well, I think they are joking. I'm not joking and I hope no one is going pull that, "your beautiful" on me. It's just my nature to reject people when someone says that. If I reject you, I'm just embarrased ok? That phrase reminds me of a person.............I won't go into more depth with that. Sorry. But I don't get that phrase everyday and I'm pretty sure everyone too so, tell someone that. Someone close or someone you don't know, it will make their day or creep them out. :)