About/Contact Info

Alright! My blog is all about Manga, Anime, Japan, Japanese and Korean Drama's, Boy bands.....etc. Just so you know, I read alot of manga. Oh, I mean ALOT. Basically, if you need something to read or watch, check out my blog! There are recommendations every week, news of new drama's and yeah.  I'll even talk about my life if I'm bored. I have done tons of different blog challenges. Go ahead and try them!

Here is some info about me! I love to eat, read manga and watch anime. My favorite thing to do is to draw. My parents make me play piano and I'm grateful for them. Maybe I might post videos of me playing sometime!

I'm also part of a group called Studentsforthecongo where we raise awarness about the Congo and send bracelets to people all over the world! :D Please check out our blog! It is updated by yours truly! Spread the word! :)


If you want to contact me about anything (please, nothing weird), you can email me here! I would love to become friends who are manga freaks like me! Go ahead and comment if you want to recommend something to me! Don't be scared! :)


I also have a tumblr. It would be cool and awesome if you checked it out!