Saturday, September 12, 2015

Life is depressing...

Hey guys! Whats up? Sorry I haven't been on blogger lately... College has started up again haha! The second semester for my course is EXTREMELY stressful. I have at least 20-30 chapters to read before each class. I'm just taking a quick study break...(It might even end up an hour study break).

You know what is awfully depressing? Tuition fees.

My mom almost cried because she took me shopping because I was stressed and didn't do anything but study and cry. Thats not the thing that made her cry. It was my response to the shopping that made her cry.

She said, "Anak (Filipino for, child), I'm giving you 100 dollars"

I said, "Can I just use it towards my textbooks for college?"


And... yeah. I have certainly set my piorities straight.

Plus, my answer to everything has to do with bills, school and work. Since when did I grow up? Just kidding.

Pretty sad. #adultproblems? #collegelife


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