Monday, September 3, 2012

TONS of Manga/Anime Recommendations!

Hey everybody!! :) This week has been a tiring week! It's the long weekend..........after this great weekend, school starts! Since I haven't been posting any good manga's/anime's, I decided to put TONS of recommendations just for you. When school kicks in, I'm hooped. I have my school schedule and man, I'm going to busy. So here you guys go. I know its not much but I had to remember the manga's I had to do manga recommendations plus, do them. It takes work man! I hope theres some manga's/anime's that catch your eye! Don't forget to comment or recommend me any manga's/anime's! I'm looking forward to it! Happy reading/watching!

Title: Platinum Garden
Author: Fujita Maki
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( When Kazura Enomotos' grandfather dies, he leaves her to the son of a mysterious, rich family, Mizuki Magahara, as payment for his debts. After she goes to live with him, Kazura learns that she's not going to be working off the debts as a servant; instead she's going to be Mizuki's fiancée! Unless she can pay her grandfather's debt, she's got no choice but to learn to live with him! Right when Kazura begins adjusting to her hectic life, the dark secret of the Magahara family is revealed. The head of the family has the unique power to bring back the souls of the dead, and right now the head of the family is Mizuki!

I enjoy reading this manga so much! It makes me happy so much! The men are hot~! The storyline is adorable. The beginning wasn't too slow but moderate which I appreciated because most shojo manga's like this are usually fast on the uptake. 
Title: Beelzebub
Author: Tamura Ryuuhei
Genres: Comedy, Shonen, Action, School life, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( This is the story of up-and-coming young delinquent Tatsumi Oga, a first year at the infamous Ishiyama High, who one day suddenly finds himself the unintentional adoptive parent to the Demon Kings's son himself, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (Baby Beel for short), an adorable little baby boy who is destined to destroy the world. Initially reluctant to carry out his fatherly duties, Oga changes his mind when the demon nanny and "mommy" Hildegarde appears, informing him that, due to the contract made between them, he will die if he and Baby Beel are separated by 15 meters or more, and that he must face his responsibilities. Unless he can find someone even stronger to take over for him, that is...

HAHAHHAHHHAH!!!!! First Episode= on the floor laughing butt off. Second Episode= epicness. I love this anime/manga! It's soooo funny!!! I love the storyline is just a great mix of fantasy and delinquents. The art is pretty good too.

Title: Biyaku Cafe, Aphrodisiac Cafe
Author: Ukyou Ayane
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Comedy, Drama, Shojo, Mature
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( The aphrodisiac night retreat is a place with no menu, and the tea is made to the customer’s image by the employees. An omnibus story surrounds the overbearing masters, various customers, and the tea!

I love this manga! Just so you know, you have to be.......careful. If you aren't used to Mature manga's, don't read it! This manga is really sweet and cute with dark and sexy mixed into it. I find it interesting and new to read. I blush, cry and laugh whenever I read this manga. I can't wait for the next chapter to come out! The men are hot. The art is utterly amazing!

Title: Monkey High!
Author: Shouko Akira
Genres: Comedy, Shojo, Drama, Romance, School life, Slice of Life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (wiki) After her political father is disgraced in scandal, Haruna Aizawa transfers to a new school. Haruna Aizawa thinks that school life is just like a monkey mountain - all the monkeys form cliques, get into fights, and get back together again. The school that she just transferred to is no exception. There's even a boy called Macharu(baby monkey) Yamashita [ actually named Masaru Yamashita ] who reminds her of a baby monkey!

It's hard enough fitting in at a new school while dealing with family problems.... Will Haruna remain jaded and distance herself from everyone around her? Or will Macharu win her over with his monkey magic?

This manga is sooooo cute! I can't stop laughing!!!! I love, just love with this manga!!! It never fails to make me smile. Like all typical shojo manga's, there were some parts where it just dragged on and on until it got to a point where it was plain boring. However, the herione saved it all for me. She was cool and strong. I loved her! I love scenes where the herione and hero are together. They have extremely cute and funny scenes!

Title: Tennen Pearl Pink
Author: Meca Tanaka
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Drama, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed (WHY?!)

Summary: (Tokyopop) We follow the bumpy and funny romance between bubbly Tamako and the serious Kanji. With Kanji's father running an idol agency, and Tamako being the daughter of their top-selling idol, Shinju, things get complicated. Tamako must hide the fact she is Shinju's daughter to save public face, and at the same time, she is determined to be Kanji's ideal wife (as was promised when they were little kids). It doesn't help that Tamako's pretty clumsy and poor of domestic chores, but no matter what comes down the road, she's not about to give up!

This manga is just amazing! I remember the first time I picked this book up.........I'm pretty sure my best friend lent Pearl Pink to me for a bit and I instantly fell in love with it. I kept drawing Tamako's pet monkey! Kanji is so hot and straight forward that I also fell in love with the character. He and Tamako make such a cute couple! Tamako is such a great herione!!!! I love her!!!!

Title: Jauhara Genya
Author: Nesumi Chisato
Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Shojo, Romance, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( A good looking thief x a handsome prince, where will they get their treasure? Halvard is a country surrounded by sand and blistering winds. In here is Ghee, who's family's occupation is that of a thief. And as long as he is Royalty, for the sake of capturing Ghee, Urupika has been pursuing Ghee. One day, by accident, the two of them fell down into some ancient ruins. Within these ruins was a secret from the founding of a nation.And to search for this treasure, they seized the key to their family's secrets...?The riddle of the treasure hunt is approaching, an arabian romantic fantasy begins.

The art is sooooo cool! The guys are pretty good looking and handsome! :) The storyline is pretty awesome itself. I love it!

Title: Millenium Snow
Author: Hatori Bisco
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Shojo, Comedy, Slice of Life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (wiki) Millennium Snow focuses on Chiyuki Matsuoka, a high school girl hospitalized with a heart problem. Since birth her heart has been very weak and she was told that she would probably live to be only fifteen. However, one day she meets Tōya Kanō, a vampire, with the opposite problem: Tōya lives for about one thousand years. It's customary for a vampire at his age of eighteen to choose a human partner to be with for 1000 years who in turn would let him drink their blood and share his life span for the millennium.

Early in the series, Chiyuki offers Tōya her blood, so that she would be able to live longer, but Tōya refuses, claiming he dislikes the sight and taste of blood. In the beginning, he even looks down on humans, believing that they are weak creatures who will only die before him and leave him behind, but later on he, with the help of Chiyuki, starts to see the world in a different perspective.

WAHH!!! Reading this again makes me cry. I just the storyline and art! You have your strong-willed, typical shojo girl with your typical shojo man who is extremely arrogant but nice. The pairing of the two is interesting and it makes me happy all the time. It's so touching and beautiful. I love Bisco Hatori~!

Title: Beast Master
Author: Motomi Kyousuke
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Drama, Fantasy, School life, Action
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Yuki loves animals and wants them to love her back. Unfortunately animals hate her, she's too.....affectionate. No matter what she does, even her own cat runs away. Her friends tell her that if she put that enthusiasm towards a boy, she'd get a boyfriend. The only problem is that in all her seventeen years, she hasn't found any guy interesting. One night a mysterious stranger with blood on his clothes rescues her cat and leaves without a second word. The next day a new student transfer into her class, it's him. He's rumored to be the beast fighting and almost killing in the area.

After she witenesses Aoi losing himself to his inner leopard in a fight she steps in, will her run away from her to?

Beast Master is cute, adorable, awesome and makes my heart throb too many times that I lose track. I don't even remember the times I have read this manga. Too much to count! I'm in love with this manga! I really hope it becomes an anime or something. It's adorable!

Title: Dark Air
Author: Park Min-seo
Genres: Gender Bender, Shonen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Left to Right
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( Magic used to fill up the world, mages were the most powerful beings ever. Suddenly, an event called "Dark Air" erases all magic from it.

Mages are left powerless, except for one single boy.

Dark air is amazing!!! I mean really! The storyline is just amazing! It is sooo cool! The art is rocky at the beginning but got better and better getting into it. The action scenes are cool and I want to draw just like that! Each characters are unique and have a really awesome fighting style. Why do Shonen manwha's have to be so cool?

Title: Gochisousama
Author: CJ Micalski
Genres: Comedy, Yaoi, Mature, Romance, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 18+ Mature
Status: Completed

Summary: ( When part-timer Hiroto gives some food to the adorable child in the park, he doesn't imagine that the child's father will offer him a job. Mamoru is a very picky eater and his father Suguru needs a reliable housekeeper since his job as a pilot keeps him away for days at time. The only rule is, no falling in love with Suguru, which should be easy, right? Right?!

This manga is sooooo cute~! Of course this manga has a typical yaoi storyline but hey, I still enjoyed it. The art is adorable and I love the comedy in the manga. It just fit in so well. I find the romance went a bit too fast. I know, its yaoi. Yaoi manga's tend to have romance just thrown in there but only most of them. If this manga was just a a chapter longer then what would happen to the story? If the first story had a slower paced story, maybe it could be better. I'm just saying! No negative comments! Overall, the manga is a great quick read and lightnened my stressed and horrible day.

Title: Himitsu no Bara Juujidan
Author: Hideki
Genres: Comedy, Shojo, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, School life
Reading Direciton: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (From AQUA Scans) A Poor High-school girl meets a magician!
One day, a suspicious Ikemen appears in front of Saga Honoka, a stingy highschool girl. He continuously tries to persuade Honoka that he is a magician of a secret organization, "Rosen Kreuz", realist Honoka refuses to believe him. A mean magician and a poor highschool girl; a magical romantic comedy begins!

The art is AMAZING~! The guys are extremely hot!!!! The story is pretty cute and I'm enjoying every chapter of it! I want more chapters...............its cute and funny! I want to see the romance happen!

Title: Oni ni Hatsujou
Author: Amagi Reno
Genres: Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Mature, Drama, School lfie
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 18+ Mature
Status: Completed

Summary: (From Shinmakoku Scanlations) When Tanami Riku's father died in a traffic accident, he was left all alone. Then suddenly a guy named Onikubo Nagi came and demanded to be his guardian in place of his father, who was actually Nagi's former teacher. Then he applied as Riku's homeroom teacher! He pushed himself into Riku's life without even asking for permission. Living with the Super Sadistic Teacher was unbelievably harsh. What exactly did Nagi want with Riku?

Aww!! I have read this manga more than two times and it is soo cute (and hot) beyond words. Actually, its pretty funny too. What is up with sadistic teachers anyways? Anyways, the art is so cool. The men are drop dead beautiful.

Title: K Memory of Red
Author: Gohands, Gora and (Art) Yui Kuroe
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Shonen
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing (Anime coming out soon!!!)

Summary: (From AQUA Scans) In Shizume city there's a legend about a red king with demon-like abilities that single-handedly created the Homra organization. As long as you get accepted into Homra, you can gain extraordinary powers.

The art is so cool!!! It is amazing!!!!! Do I feel deja vu? Well I have certainly wrote that sentence before because there are many amazing art out there. I can't wait for the anime! They have trailers out and everything! It looked promising plus hot men!!! :D I can't wait~! Watch the trailer here!!

Title: Himitsu no Kuchizuke
Author: Takao Hiroi and (Art) Kamuro Akira
Genres: Romance, Yaoi, Mature, Comedy, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 18+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: ( A collection of short stories.

Chapter 1 ~ Himitsu no Kuchizuke
Okumura thinks his lover Nagao is hiding something from him. What could it be?

Chapter 2 ~ Sunrise Sexpress

Chapter 3 ~ One Night Heaven

Wow just wow. I just felt my eyes have been takin' out and boiled raw.  I couldn't stop blushing.........................///0 _ 0////That is what I get for reading for one shots. I don't think they are bad but they have their limits. This manga wasn't as bad but........(hot!)....anyways. For being a one shot yaoi, there has no plot. I don't know why I read this manga. I was just bored. For yaoi fangirls, read this amazing manga!


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