Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anime from childhood: Blue Dragon

Do you remember watching Digimon or Pokemon as a kid? Well, I'm a teenager and I still love watching Digimon from time to time. It brings back so many memories......I remember I used to collect Yu-gi-oh cards. I think I have them anymore.....I'm quite sad...... T_T
Sailor moon and Hamtaro takes me wayyy, that made me sound  old. :D
Blue dragon is fairly new but still makes me feel old whenever I watch it! I love this anime so much!!

Title: Blue Dragon
Genres: Action, Adventure, Shonen, Comedy, Fantasy
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: This is mainly about 6 friends and their shadows: Shuu, Zola, Kluke, Maromaro, Jiro, and Bouquet. Blue Dragon is packed with action, adventure and growing friendships.

I love watching this anime! I think when I was in grade 6 or something, I watched it. I remember watching Blue Dragon when I was just flipping through channels on my T.V until I saw the Blue Dragon anime. I didn't know what episode I was on and then, I was like, "must watch this online!". I have to watch Blue Dragon again! Brings so much memories...........I wanna play the game!


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