Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 25: When you hear Easter do you think of the holiday or Shugo Chara?

Sorry guys! I was totally tired from going to the city last night. Road trips are always fun with friends! I had so much at the mall! My top things that I had to get was books, clothes and food. I got payed on Friday so I was extremely happy about that. I didn't expect that I would be going around with three other people. Man, we went to all sorts of places! My main partner was a makeup freak. The other two were book freaks like me. I'm not much for makeup but my partner made me think about it alot over the weekend. I just started putting eyeliner and mascara this year because well, I have a low self esteem and people always mistake my age. I'm in the third year of highschool and people mistake me for a grade seven, eight or nine kid. Do I seriously look that young?? Sigh...........

The interesting thing was, when I started putting makeup on in front of my younger friends (grades 6-8) they asked me and my main partner to give them makeovers. Being the artistic person I am, I was up for it. Makeup is a type of art! I think its cool! My little friends asked if I have done makeovers before and I said no. They were quite surprised and they were like, "You're like a pro!".

That made me really happy! :) Maybe I should be a makeup artist?

I bought two books: The Betrayal Knows my Name (Uraboku!) Volume 3 and Viewfinder (yaoi....) Volume 2. I was extremely happy when I found that manga in the Comic book store. I was like, "WAHHH!". My shopping buddies were like, 0 _ 0. "Calm down Ro!" (Ro is my nickname in real life...) I was just so happy! Viewfinder is so hot and extremely amazing that I was happy that it is getting published here.


I also bought two pairs of jeans (they were on sale!), a cute blue sweater and (my friend made me) powder for my face at the makeup store. The makeup there was beautiful.............but expensive! It wasn't worth it!

Back to the challenge! (Man, I keep talking!) I actually think about the holiday to be perfectly honest. When it comes to the eggs or something, I think about Shugo Chara. It's interesting. I wish I had a shugo chara!



  1. Awesome! I wanna see your sweater!!! Makeup? Luv messing around with makeup... Kinda what my blogs about. lolz. :P Glad you had fun! :D

    Talk to you later chika!


    p.s. lemme know how the mangas are. :)

  2. You also read/watch Uraboku? Meee tooo~~ It is awesome right? I also own the first 2 volume of the manga~~~


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