Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Bestie Estelle!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! > ^ < For those who don't know, my best friend is Estelle who also happens to have a blog just like me! Of course its on different things but hey, I'd say her blog is pretty awesome. Check it out! :)

Anyways, I would love to tell all my faithful viewers about my awesome and beautiful best friend. I know that you don't care but hey, I just want to get my message to my buddie.

Awesome Death Note Cake I found on the internet!

Estelle I have known you for..................four......five years? I think I was in grade six or seven. I can't remember when I first met you.....I'm pretty sure you do. I think I was on the bus with my pink coat (I hated that coat to be honest....) and we suddenly started talking about manga. I don't know, I think you talked to me. I have bad memory. I remember you telling me about Fruits Baskets. Too be perfectly honest, you were the one that got my into manga and such. It was awesome! :D Without you, I don't know if I can be the person I am today.

I know I sound cheesy but its true. You met Adeah because of me and it was the manga that brought us together! :D We are all still best friends to this day.........that makes me so happy!

Just a random picture.......... :)

Estelle, you are the smartest person I know. Tu est tres intellegent! (Sorry if I totally killed that sentence) Where would I be without my Math/Science buddie? Even though you are one year older than me, you seem to remember your stuff very well. I'm jealous! Thanks for all the math help! Anyways, you are naturally pretty! Who needs makeup? You play tons of instruments (I think I lost count) and its always fun to listen to your awesome poems and story ideas when we skype. I love to draw for you and it makes me happy that you end up loving my drawings. Even if they suck.

I will flash you with beautiful, hot and sexy men!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAH!!!!

Haha............... :) Ikuto~!!! //^_^// (Anime: Shugo Chara)
..................I swear this isn't a yaoi.........(Anime: Hakuouki)

Well, aren't you fine? (Anime: Hakuouki)
Anime: Hakuouki

I shall end the pictures before they get out of hand............

I miss hanging out with you the most. I hope I get to see you before you graduate. It would suck not seeing or talking to you in two years! You don't have to go to University right away...........visit me first! Spending three nights each year at your grandma's house isn't enough!!! (I love your grandparents by the way, I feel like I'm their adopted grandchild :)

Forgive me for not being at your birthday party or whatever. I'm there in spirit. Shoot me an email! I really need to get you a birthday present when I head over to the city. I'm not just going to give you drawings. Drawings aren't enough to express how much I owe you! It makes me extremely happy whenever I go over to my manga collection............over half of it comes from you! It sorta makes me feel bad...........I will pay you back!! Someday!!

Here's a birthday song for you! I dance to this song all the time!!!!! Hopefully its the same for you!

8人合唱】 Shake it! 【Happy ★ Birthday ★ Fruu】 +mp3

English translation...............I can't find it!!!!!!!!!! So far I've found video's with the translations but..........I don't feel like typing out the whole entire thing! I'll just post the video with the English translation! Here's the link........the video decided not to post. Hopefully you watch it!

Also, you have to finish watching You're Beautiful! This is going to drive me up the wall!



  1. >///<
    Thank you!
    You don't need to get me anything! You're drawings are the best present you can give me.
    I couldn't stop staring at Ai-chan's card... I can't wait for mine!!!! And the drawing of us as guys!!!!!

    1. You are making me blush! My drawings aren't the best....I'm pretty sure you have seen better but anyways.

      I'm going to make sure your birthday card is going to be hot. ^_^ Don't worry, I'll keep it PG. Haha! I'll be in the city next weekend have to tell me what you want! (other than drawings...)

  2. Nice pics there... Hint Hint. You might know the ones i'm talking about and who i am.


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