Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yaoi Challenge Day 10: List the yaoi you own

Too be honest. I have none. I know, I'm sad. I actually had one yaoi book for a time but I gave it to my gay friend because I was scared that my parents were going to find it in my room. It just felt safer in his room! :D It was pretty hard core.......

It's not this one.....I tried looking for it.

I can't even remember what the name of the yaoi was. I'm sorry!! > x < I fail to be a yaoi fan girl!! I own no yaoi mangas yet I read alot of them!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Manga Recommendation: Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo

I have a whole bunch of manga to recommend you!! I must make up for the loss of time!! For once, I have just a couple minutes of homework. I finally have time to do manga recommendations!! Just scroll down and if a manga catches your eye, read the recommendation and read the manga!

Title: Yamada-kun to 7-in no Majo, Yamada and the Seven Witches
Author: Yoshikawa Miki
Genres: Shonen, Gender Bender, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of life, Romance
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( Ryu Yamada is a second year student at Suzaku High. Ryu is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. His life is a dead bore. The beautiful Urara Shiraishi, on the other hand, is Suzaku High's brightest student. One day, without explanation, their bodies are swapped! Ryu ends up in Urara's body, and Urara in Ryu's.

To be honest, I just started reading this manga and so far, I'm enjoying it! I don't usually read gender bender's that have the guy as a main character. Espically when the guy swithces places with the girl. My goodness, that is so interesting! I also can't stop laughing!! :D :D
Here is just a list of manga that I'm still reading but I did manga recommendations on them in the past year. I can't believe that I'm blogger for that long!! I'm so happy that you guys are here and reading!! :D


A couple of One Shot Recommendations!

It turns out I have some time....might as well do a manga recommendation. I was freaking out today because I was soo scared of getting the results of my math quiz from yesterday (I think). I got 7.5 out of 12. I was like, "PASSED!" I was so happy that I nearly died! I'm so weird and my standards are pretty low. My motto is, I don't care what the mark is, as long as I pass!

Title: Darling Only You
Author: Madoka Seizuku (creator of Misupuri!)
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, One Shot, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: ( Yuzuki has a crush for her super kind and cool brother, but she has her heart broken when he brings his girlfriend home one day. The next day, by chance, she bumps into a guy who looks exactly like her brother! What is this feeling that she has for him? Is it just because he looks like her brother, or is it...?

Misupuri by Madoka Seizuku!

I'm just in love with the art! Hotties.......I wanna draw like Madoka Seizuku!! The storyline was predictable but pretty funny. I enjoyed it! Some one shots deserve to be longer, like this one! Man, the one reason I hate one shots because they aren't long enough!! This next one is exactly the same. It has to be longer!!

Title: Megane Danshi Shinkasetsu
Author: Ichinose Kaoru (Suits no Kuni)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, One shot, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed (WHAT?! Has to be longer!! > x <)

Summary: ( A girl and a guy, two childhood friends. The guy starts wearing glasses, but it's the girl who starts seeing more clearly?

MUST BE LONGER! I didn't realize that it was the end!! It was getting good and all........*Sigh* I'm frustrated! > x <

Title: 3 Hearts
Author: Ichinose Kaoru (Suits no Kuni)
Genres: Action, Romance, Shojo, One Shot, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed (It doesn't feel like it......MUST BE LONGER!)

Summary: ( Thief Jin Tonic seeks the mysterious treasures known as "The Three Hearts". One night a mysterious woman falls from the sky claiming to be an escaped Princess from a sacked castle. As fate would have it, she has one of The Hearts. But is she really who she says she is? And will Jin Tonic let her live to fulfill her mission?

I know the last picture is a total spoiler but hey, I love it!!! It's amazing!!! I love the art!!! Ichinose Kaoru makes the most amazing storylines and draws one of the overly beautiful art in the world!! It's unique, splendid, breathtaking.......I still have many words to describe the art! I'm speechless!!However, her stories must continue!! I'm so frustrated about the ending!!! Why??!?! Why?!??!??! It was just getting started too........*sigh*

Title: Boku no Suki na Otokonoko, ぼくの好きなオトコの娘
Author: Odagiri Nagisa
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Shojo, Comedy, Drama, Slice of life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: ( Michiru has always been praised as a prince by the girls around her, so when Kousuke confesses to her and becomes her first ever boyfriend, she slowly becomes more aware of being more feminine.

ARGH!! This one shot is killing me!! It's TOO cute!!! //> x <// The art is ok....and average. Michiru and Kousuke remind me of a couple in my friend group that just started dating. My goodness, I'm so jealous how they always blush when we comment how cute they look. I want a boyfriend........but I don't have time!! I'm such a loser!!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manga Recommendation: Misupuri!

I haven't done any manga recommendations in a while. I apologize! This one is just a quick one! My parents will catch me on the computer and it will be very bad!!

Title: Misupuri!
Author: Madoka Seizuki
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, School life, Shojo, Romance, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( In the world of the high society , it is expected that each member of every family has their own personal butler. Himeoka Kokoro is a natural tomboy with a knack for sticking her head into trouble. Kokoro hopes to be able to hire a butler for herself, but only temporarily so she can partake in the nationwide "Miss Princess" model search. She is determined to win the competition because of a promise she made but runs into problems on the way. She incidentally saves an old lady who turns out to be the President of Butler, the most prestigious butler agency in Japan. The old lady decided to help her with the model search & Kokoro is suddenly faced with four good looking butlers to help her on the way to winning the title "Miss Princess".

I have been looking all over for this manga!! > x < I found this picture on the internet and I was dying to know what this manga was! I finally found it!!! I'm soo happy!!

Ok the opening of this manga totally reminded me of the manga Mei-chan no Shitsuji because it's all about butlers too but then it went to a sudden turn. The main character is a female but has the looks and moves of a male. She works at a cafe where her friends always call her a lady killer. It makes me laugh! I'm enjoying this manga already! Plus, the art is just utterly amazing, cute and hot!! I'm loving guys! Total hotties~!! I know the storyline seems so typical and cliche but the variety of peronsalities of each character makes this manga really interesting. It's pretty funny! You must read this manga! You will not regret it!


Yaoi Challenge Day 9: Favorite Uke

Seriously? Another hard question? As long as this question doesn't include any math.....oh by the way, I'm sorry for posting this early once again. I have no time tomorrow since I might be taking pictures of my best friends new haircut. I'm excited!

I still this forever debate in my mind. ARGH!

Souichi Tatsumi from Koisuru Boukun always crack me up. He is an adorable uke and won't admit he loves Morinaga. Their sex scenes are always like a battle. It's funny!

Onodera from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi because I love his personality, humor and cuteness!

Onodera Ritsu from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Akihito Takaba from Viewfinder. He is just sexy and awesome!


Yaoi Challenge Day 8: Favorite love scene

*Warning: Rant coming up about Sex. If you blush everytime someone says Sex then, please just keep scrolling down. Maybe you might find something better*

I have no idea. Once again, I read too much! I fall in love with so many!! I have to be careful.......most scenes I like are sex scenes. Why? Don't think I'm a perv but I find that both the uke and seme confess their feelings or develop feelings for each other in the course of sex. It touches my heart and practically kills me! Usually the uke would start thinking about if he loves him and doesn't want to let go of his love but he is scared. The uke is like, "Please don't go" or "I....want you". It kills me!! > x < I'm betting the seme would just keep him for the whole night or even the next day. I'm just like, say you love him and the sex and your relationship will be better! Admitting things is the first thing to a great relationship!!!

Did you know sex and love are different? Love can be protrayed in so many ways and sex is one. Sex is treated to be like its a normal thing and it bothers me. Sex is something that is shared between two individuals and love is often showed in sex. People have sex with just random people. That is so stupid! Heh. You know, you can tons of Sexual diseases? Herpes, AIDS and many others. I guess it's a consequence. People treat sex as a very light subject and it freaking irritates the heck out of me. Girls get pregnant and tons of people get an STI (Sexually transmitted infection).

With my ranting done, I can finally think through all the anime/manga I've watched/read. I still have no idea. It's irritating! I don't want to post any bad pictures to scar you for life or scare you from reading my blog. I dont' want that!! I made up my mind. This one scene that has been stuck in my head is from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. It's nothing bad I swear!

It's not really a love scene but close enough. At the moment I can't remember what chapter is. So here is a description of it. It may contain spoilers! Takano forces him to celebrate stuff about being an editor at Takano's apartment. Of course Onodera turns him down with the bottom of his heart but Takano convinces him. There is tons of food and drinks. Onodera couldn't stand the silence so he started to drink. Eventually, Onodera gets drunk. He falls on Takano and Takano kisses him. Onodera starts to reveal that he is jealous and yells about Yokozawa. Takano explains that he doesn't like mixing personal and work affairs together. I'll just skip to the part when Takano and Onodera start having sex. In the midst of this, Onodera calls Takano Senpai, a name that he used to call him back when they were dating. I was like, "OH MY GOSH!!" I was freaking out and I felt a tear coming to my eye. Takano looked taken aback then calls Onodera by his first name, Ritsu. "WAHH!" Overload, overload! I know you are thinking that I'm weird but I'm an emotional person. This manga is so touching!!!

Vol 3. Ch 005 pg 50. and on. I'll tell you when they get to the....scene. I won't post it. Don't worry! I'll skip to the part I want.

Ok....from here on, is a sex scene. I don't want to scar you so I'll skip it and get to the part I want.

 Then skipping again. They are in the middle of it.....but they show nothing. This is the part I always die (not that I didn't die during the sex) in because Onodera just finishes this sex scene with a name that Onodera used to call Takano when they dating 10 years ago. Takano looks taken aback. Onodera is still drunk not knowing what he just said. This just triggered some extreme love making!

Takano..........what a sweet thing to say!! > x < He also calls Onodera, Ritsu, his first name. Of course, things changed after 10 years and Takano doesn't say Ritsu very often. It's so touching....... ; ^ ;

 Skip again!! Poor Onodera, he doesn't remember what happened!

This is not part of the chapter I'm talking about but this is when Takano says Onodera's first name which is Ritsu. It shocks Onodera because Takano has never said the name Ritsu since they were dating back in High school. It's been ten years since then. This is from Vol. 4 Ch. 2 pg 65. I swear, there's nothing bad! Everytime Takano calls Onodera makes my heart stop!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Yaoi Challenge Day 7: Your OTP

Alright people! I'm back!! Miss me? Maybe not. Oh well. There goes my self-esteem. Joke! :P

Maid-sama moment! So funny I died! Don't worry Misaki, Usui still loves you!

Just for the record, if you want to get to the yaoi, just scroll down (until you see the picture below!) because I'm going to blabber for a bit and talk about YC! I'm just so excited that I want to tell you guys! I can never hold anything in because it will kill me. Keeping things in is sometimes good but bad in some ways. It can even make you sick!! > x <
Anime is Shugo Chara! :D

Anyways, I'm not going to lie but I'm dead tired. YC (Youth Convention) was amazing!! YC is a Christian convention for us Youth kids. I'm pretty sure you are judging how weird having a Christian convention and I don't mean to go all religious or anything but don't judge! YC is more from what you expected! YC has phenomenal speakers and Christian bands. I know, Christian bands. Once again, don't judge. If you like Rap, Rock or any kind of genre, YC brought every genre of band. It's amazing!My throat hurts from yelling and such. The concerts went on until midnight, explaining why I'm dead tired.

I normally don't listen to English songs because well, I don't want to offend anyone or anything but I don't like them. The only genre that can actually get through to me is Hip hop or rap. I love Hip hop and rap! So, the one band that caught my eye was Group 1 crew. My goodnes, I fell in love with their songs! They are absoulety amazing!!

Guess what??! I got their autograph! I almost died! Seeing them at YC pratically made me faint! They are so cool!!!! //> x <// You know what else is cool? Group 1 Crew's music has no relation to alcohol or sex whatsoever unlike Black Eyed Peas. I respect Group 1 Crew's music! I'm amazed! Most rap are like trash because its basically a guy just saying random stuff and jazzing it up with swears. It's sad to say that rap is mostly like that these days. Group 1 crew is one raping group that actually raps with a purpose! It makes me happy! The songs are just so cathcy!

Movin' by Group 1 Crew

Time for the challenge!

Ok. Just so you know, OTP stands for, One True Pairing. Not Own The Podium or On Track Promotions or One-Time Password. There was this one political term but I don't think you would want to read something boring. It's funny because I had to look what OTP stands for. I know, I'm such a loser. :P

Here is what term I got. This is just a term and example from this site. Naruto and Hinata aren't my OTP. Sorry NaruHina fans.

OTP164 up, 118 down
Stands for One True Pairing, used by fandoms (such as fanfictions, fanarts, fanvids, etc.) to describe two characters that are meant to be together.
"Hey, which pairings do you like? NaruHina, SasuSaku?"


Well after finding out what OTP means..........I'm stumped!!! Actually, I have my straight OTP which is Amuto which is Amu and Ikuto (Forever!!) from the anime/manga Shugo Chara. I'm so sad this anime/manga is done!! Amuto forever!! Sorry Tadase and Amu fans, I love Amu and Ikuto!!! >:D

Ikuto is soo hot!! I'm so jealous of Amu!! > x <

I still have to figure out my Yaoi OTP. I keep typing in TOP.......I can't type today!

As this picture says, I can't think of one!! I really do love Hetalia (I'll make a recommendation on it soon!) and it makes me laugh my butt off. AHA! I got it!! I finally thought of my TOP OTP! My OTP (I'll only name one!) is.......................Shion and Nezumi from No.6!! I can't help it okay? They look so good together! I know there is other couples that you can name but for now, Shion and Nezumi are mine today!

If you are confused, I recommend to watch the anime. No. 6 has some great and funny moments. Not to mention the dark and amazing storyline. No. 6 is not a Shonen Ai. There is a kiss scene but........anyways, just ignore me. Just watch the anime!

Haha! I love this next picture! They look so alike!
Here is a great picture of cosplay!!