Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweat shops....

I'm in the midst of doing homework. I know it's not a manga or anime recommendation and I'll do a whole bunch later. I find it better to study if I made a whole list of stuff I need to finish! Look!!

1. Social test on Wednesday May 16 (watching movie on Monday and Tuesday)
2. Finish Sweat Shop assignment
3. Finish Claude Monet project for French
4. Go to French room for flex to do rewrites
5. CALM assignments
- Nutrition Wheel
- Nutrition chart
- Addiction sheet
6. Find article for CALM discussion on Thursday and CALM test
7. Find 2 current events that are due on Thurday
8. Try to get pictures for Digital Photo Portfolio
9. Memorize songs for choir...

And I think that's it......I also have choir practice from 7-9:30 on Monday and rehearsal on Tuesday.......not mention a final concert on Thursday! My goodness, I have so much to do! I'm almost done my Sweat shop assignment. We have to find a huge corporation that uses Sweat shops.

Sweat shops are basically a horrible place to work because the workplace has bad working conditions and ignore worker benefits unlike Canada. Sweat Shops were first orginated in Asia. Workers are discriminated and have extremely low pay. Some don't even get payed at all. Do you even know where your products are made?

There's even a game! It's horrible!

For my assignment, I need to make an advertistment to raise awarness about Sweat Shops. I did mine on Walmart. I'm finally done!

Always low prices, low pay and low value.