Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Impression Anime: Holy Knight

My goodness. That was......*speechless*. (Just read on)

Title: Holy Knight
Author: Miyazaki Maya
Genres: Romance, Mature, Shonen, School life, Fantasy, Seinen
Reading Direction: Right to left
Status: Ongoing
Age Rating: 18+ Mature (Manga) and Anime doesn't seem to bad...

Summary: ( Mizumura Shinta didn’t know what to make of the situation when the sexiest girl in school, Kishimoto Ririsu, starts seducing him and things get extremely physical. Shinta isn’t rich or the popular guy in school so it doesn’t make sense that Ririsu would be so interested in him. But Ririsu is in fact a vampire, a secret that she will kill to keep hidden. As the relationship between Shinta and Ririsu grows, it gets harder for her to keep the secret hidden. And when those close to him, like his semi-romantic childhood friend Makimura Chizuru, are involuntarily thrown into the chaos, deep dark secrets get revealed.

Ok, before I go and critize this thing, I'm going to say the art is pretty amazing other than the fact most of the females have a body that is really......showy. Stupid fanservice. ''- _ - I will never read the manga. EVER. I couldn't find a good summary on other sites so I looked it up on After seeing the cover picture, I would even go there. *Shivers* I think I'll stick with Yaoi....

*Random moment* This picture shows how men can be.....weird. I laughed really hard when I saw this. I have nothing against them or anything because some guys are really hot!

The beginning of the anime wasn't harmful at all. I felt a really deep connection with Lilith's father. He seems like a beautiful and nice person. But how could Lilith grow up to be who she is now? She should remember her parents and follow their good examples. Not to be heartless and clothing-less. Seriously, when I was beginning to think this anime was heading the right direction, the girl comes right out and asks Shinta (he isn't bad looking!) if he could have sex with her. Man, there goes my expectations. About a third into the anime, I saw the light to this anime. Even though this anime is pretty peverted, the storyline is really good minus the fanservice and scariness. What kind of world do we live in?! Wait, don't answer that. :D