Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day!

I feel like I just went through a deja vu moment. Talking about deja vu, did you know deja vu is french for, "already seen"? Intresting isn't? I know it's pretty pointless but I'm currently studying for Social, French and CALM (yeah, CALM). I have homework in all of those subjects and its irritating! So stressing........this calls for manga/anime! > x <

Anyways, I know it's a day early but Happy Mother's day! I'm probably very busy tomorrow so I decided to blog today.

Well, today (or tomorrow) is the day to appreciate your mothers! I definitely appreciate my mother. I love her so much. It would kill me to keep secrets from her. She has always been there for me when I need it. They say I get my beautiful singing voice, which I don't think I have, from her. Though I look more like my father, my parents like to joke around about how I get most of my musical talent from. I can't really choose and I'll leave it at that. I still think my brother most of the musical talent. Just watch his video.....

I remember when I was a kid, I went up to my mother and asked her to draw a mermaid. I still remember so many things me and my did together. I attempted to bake with her once. Or even do the housework with her which I totally regret.

You know who I love like my mother? Chocolate. My second and third mother. I know, I have a second and third mother! If you don't understand me, here is my explanation. A second or third mother is basically a friends mother and she sorta takes care of you. For example, my friends mom is my third mother and she drove me to Choir Provincials today. She basically drives me whenever there is a choir performance out of town. I really appreciate it!

My second mother is like that too. I love her!

For once, I got my mother something for mother's day. I'm quite proud of myself because I never given my mother anything since grade school! Since I have money and a job, I bought her something. I hope she loves it!

That reminds me. I probably should have gotten something for my second and third mothers......oh well.

Arigatou~!! Happy Mother's day!