Monday, May 7, 2012

My Social Assignment

*Sigh...* I hate writing. For the past few days I have been experience what every writer has, Writers Block. I haven't started. Just so you know, (If any of you are my Social Teacher) this is not the start of my "Opinionated People" Assignment. I'm just going to explain things a bit so my readers don't get confused. Sorry, no manga or anime in this post :( But read on anyways!

Anyways, for Social class every single one of us has to write an agonizing assignment about the World Trade Organization or for short, the WTO. Please don't get confused with the WTF. That is something different. Haha! I have to pick a side of the WTO, the good or bad side and I chose the bad side because I love to rant about those kinds of things. They are wayy more fun to rant about. If you want an example of a funny rant, go to and watch a guy named Rick Mercer. I do hope you have heard of him. He is the most famous Canadian political (yes, political) comedian on earth. He has his own show called the Rick Mercer Report. Check him out, he is pretty funny when you actually know what he is talking about!

To make things easier for me, I just decided to put my assignment on my own blog then copy and paste my draft onto my social teachers blog tomorrow. I'm just a lazy person and I don't want to save it on a USB or email the paper to my school email. So, if any one of you are in the mood to read my writing, go on ahead. This is my rant of the day! I might have to add more information so.....enjoy my rant!

Opinionated People Blog Post

The WTO kills people! Before I go into that subject further, I must clarify a few things. For those who don't know what the WTO is, it is basically the acronym for the World Trade Organization. No, not the WTF. That is completely different. The World Trade Organization was established from GATT, which stands for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. The WTO is an organization that has to do with the rules of trade between member nations. Apparently, the WTO's main reason to exist is to ensure that trade is free and it flows smoothly and predictable as it can be. If you didn't understand a single thing I said, I'll simplify things. Don't worry, Social Studies isn't my strongest suit. Basically, the WTO is like the counselor or teacher for kids who get into trouble and basically help them solve the problem. Also, I'm pretty sure the members of the WTO are old enough to solve their own problems but apparently not. Subsidies are a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service*. It is said that a country can seek the WTO's dispute settlement procedure to find the withdrawal of a "subsidy" or the removal of it's adverse affects. The WTO is linked to Trade Globalization, the removal or reduction of restrictions or barriers on the free exchange of goods between nations. This means the removal or reduction of tariffs and non-tariff. A tariff is a tax on imports or exports in or out of the country and a non-tariff is a barrier of trade. We get the term, "Free trade" when there are no tariffs, quota's or restrictions in an international trade in it's natural course. 

Other than having the goal of establishing free trade for everyones benefit, the WTO has a goal to improve the welfare of the peoples of member countries. What about other countries? There is no exact number but there is an estimated of 193 countries on the planet but there are 153 members in the WTO. Are the remaining countires are just going to be loners while member countries get all the benefit? That doesn't seem very fair. Seems pretty unequal to me. One of the positives of the WTO is that it keeps peace within the trade system and member nations. PFFT. For those who are saying the WTO is good and downright amazing, you are wrong. I will admit that is doing a good deed taking the burden of making the decisions when it comes trade. They say the WTO "encouraging good government"? I'm going to prove you wrong with this.

The WTO claims it is trading with dictatorships or corrupt (like the Congo!) but it seems this is not happening. The WTO doesn't distinguish between the good or bad governments in a country, meaning there will be inequality between the "have-not" and "have" countries. As I've said before, the WTO also keeps peace within the trade organization and between member nations. How could there be peace when there is inequality? Its like being at school where a bully is being rasist towards peers or being picked last for a soccer game. Is there peace? No. A study showed between 1960 to 1998, inequaility worsened internationally and within countries. A report also showed while 20 percent of the world's population consume 86 percent of the world's resources, only 80 percent of the poorest countries consume only 14 percent of the world's resources.

I also want to connect this situation with the WTO "opens up free trade and it makes it cheaper for consumers and producers benefit". If there is that many countries using up resources then environmental standards and wages in developed countries go down when they have to compete globally. The WTO claims they are helping third-world developing countries but it turns out they aren't. They are only helping the rich. The rich get to guy goods cheap while third-world developing countries have to pay such a large amount to stay alive.

Even though the ideals of the WTO are pretty high up there, it's not working like it's supposed to. Plus, the ideas of the WTO aren't working to where the people want it. It comes to a point where the enviroment and the people of third world countries are affected and die because of the stupid decisions the WTO makes. The WTO only cares about promoting free trade and not about the people. For example, one in case in Thailand and South Africa. The U.S pharmaceutical industry is trying to stop South Africa and Thailand because they are producing their own drugs to save those in their country that have AIDS or HIV. 80% of the worlds new cases of AIDS and HIV are found in Thailand and South Africa. If you tell me, that is alot of people having sex.

Anyways, the reason why South Africa and Thailand is making their own drugs is because the U.S pharmaceutical is selling their drugs at insanely high price and the people of South Africa and Thailand can't afford it. The U.S pharmaceutical saw this and they went to their mommy, the WTO, and complained that this is against the TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement. However, the WTO took the U.S pharmaceutical side. How stupid can they be?! People are dying and they just need drugs to keep them alive! Why can't the WTO see the people? This case shows that the WTO doesn't care about the people, only about free trade. The WTO doesn't embrace FAIR trade and doesn't help the people in third world countries. I'm betting that South Africa and Thailand don't have a good relationship with the U.S since that case. I would get mad if someone took my candy and got away with it or someone murdered somebody and got away with it. They are leaving them to suffer and die! People in third-world countries are human too!

Another example why the WTO is bad is the Turtle and Shrimp case. The WTO just doesn't affect people but the environment. The U.S wanted to put Turtle detecting devices on Shrimping boats so they don't harm the Turtles in the process of getting shrimps from the sea. However, other countries got extremely mad by the cost that came with the installation of turtle friendly equipment. So, they went to their mommy, the WTO and complained about it. Of course the WTO went to their side and the turtles weren't able to be saved. That is extremely sad! Turtles are one of my favorite animals of all time! You know what else? The WTO is considering of eliminating the tariffs on wood products which would increase the demand of timber which will increase the problem of deforestation. How stupid can these people be!

I believe that the WTO is doing some good but not alot. Though we are getting good prices for goods here, I feel sorry for the people in third-world countries. The WTO isn't doing anything about it when they are claiming they are. Whatever the WTO is doing is not getting them anywhere. The are only helping the rich people. We don't need anymore help! The people in third-world countries need it more than we do. The WTO should consider the views of people of third-world counrtries. In some cases, the WTO loves to ignore problems all together. An example is when the WTO ignored the labor and human rights. The WTO said that the labour standards were "barriers to free trade" for countries who compete advantage in the global economy for cheap labour. How stupid! Once again, they only care for "FREE TRADE". What is up with that? It's like the world only revolves around free trade. The WTO isn't getting the goal they said they have. Its not working!

*google subsidies definition

If you managed to read this whole thing, congratulations. It means alot to me because I just finished and it's 1:05 right now in Canada. Man, I'm dead. ARGH.