Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amazing Voice Actors!! Can't stop smiling!!!!

I'm soo happy!! The long weekend started yesterday. Well for us. We don't have school on Monday either! Yay! Well I still have tons of homework but I can do that later! I am known to be a procrastinator.... :D

Anyways, I was just exploring the internet until I found I whole bunch of video's of Voice actors or Seiyuu's in Action! I have always wondered what my favorite seiyuu's have been doing while acting their character. It's so interesting! I found this one video of Mamoru Miyano!! He voices Tamaki from Ouran Highschool Host club and Light from Death note in this video. OH MY GOSH!! It's soo funny!!!

His voice is just amazing!! He looks like Tamaki.......Hahahaha!! I can't stop laughing at his Light laugh!!! My goodness, I wanna be a voice actor!!! It looks like so much fun!! Mamoru Miyano's voice is so hot......*drools*

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Seiyuu EXTRA talk [aarinfantasy]

WAH!! I can't stop laughing and smiling!! This is soo amazing!! > x < I can totally see Onodera-san behind his voice actor......that reminds me, there's Hikaru Midorikawa!!! OH MY GOODNESS! He may not look very hot but his voice is!!! KYAAA!! I know him from the anime Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yousei). I love that anime so much! He voices Raven in it! *Sigh....* Voice actors make me soo happy. You know, Hikaru Midorikawa sings some of the songs from Earl and Fairy! Listen to this song!

My Fairy by Hikaru Midorikawa

:D :D :D :D I LOVE THIS!!! I look up to voice actors!! I can totally picture the anime characters so well! But where is the semes? Where is Takano-san??? I wanna see him!! > x < I find that Japanese actors get into their characters so well. Sorry but English dubbers suck! But you know, I looked up Avatar the Last Airbender voice actors. Oh my gosh, I watched the video and you know what I found out? Dante Basco, the guy who voice Prince Zuko, has a very sexy voice. My goodness! It gives chills down my spine!!

These kids are amazing! I have to praise the voice actor of Sokka and the guy who voices the animals. Man, thats soo cool!!!

Now, Drama CD's.......maybe I shouldn't even go there. I mostly listen to Yaoi drama CD's....haha. I've always wondered what the voice actors are like. I would love to see a video camera in the studio while they record certain scenes. My goodness, I wanna see their faces!! But here, Drama CD's aren't so bad and I'll post one from Seiyuu-ka!

Speaking of Voice Actors, if your looking for a manga to read, read Seiyuu-ka! It's so funny and amazing! It's all about voice acting! I have to wait for the stupid chapters to come out!