Thursday, January 26, 2012

Manga Recommendation: Seiyuu Ka!

Since exams are over and I am on semester break, I'm watching, reading and blogging as much as I can before the new semester starts up again. This manga has been on my "must read" on my list for quite a long time. I was waiting for chapters to come out first then read it. I'm actually quite happy that I waited first because I stopped at a good spot. Wait, I didn't want to stop at that spot! > x < Stupid chapters, come out faster!!

Title: Seiyū ka-!, 声優かっ!, Seiyuu Ka!
Author: Minami Maki (Special A)
Genres: Comedy, Shojo, Romance, School life, Drama, Gender Bender
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing (stupid chapters, get out faster!!)

Summary: (wiki) Hime Kino is a 15 year-old girl who attends Hiiragi High School Academy. Hime's biggest dream is to one day become the voice of a main character in one of the most popular shōjo series in Japan, "Mahou Senshi Lovely Blazers". This is difficult to achieve, however, as her voice is not suitable as a professional voice actress, resembling that of a Gorilla. It soon becomes apparent that Hime has a hidden talent for voicing male characters, she even gets scouted due to her skill, and seizing the opportunity she enters the voice acting a guy!

This the far best Gender Bender I have ever read in a long time! There hasn't been any good gender benders coming out and this one has been on my must read list for a long time. I finally got around to read this manga. I discovered the Drama CD on youtube and I freaked. I'm so in love with manga! > x < Its sooo funny!!!

Here! Here!!! You have to listen to it!! :D

♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 1Drama CD♪ 

Oh, I probably should tell you what I think about I go. I absolutely love it to pieces!! The art is amazing!! When Hime dresses up as a guy, I think I'm drooling. Its soo cool!! > u <

The story is soo funny, amazing, cute, hot and....and........wah!!! I love how its about voice acting!!! Voice actors are soo freaking amazing. Especially the Yaoi ones. Yes. I do listen to those. Don't judge me. Its true though! It's amazing how people can act their character and portray them through voice. It's sooo freaking amazing! I don't advise you to listen to a yaoi cd unless you want to die.

I'm currently listening to part 3 of Seiyuu ka, drama cd. Her prince voice is sooo amazing!!! > x < So hot!

It's quite interesting that one of the characters is a total's so utterly cute and funny!! He is my favorite character but I forgot his name. I know I'm sad. I only know how hot he is! ^_^