Saturday, January 7, 2012


My gosh, I have been waiting for so long!!! You know the new Taiwanese drama, Extravagant Challenge aka. Skip Beat (my top favorite manga!), was supposed to be aired along time ago but due to circumstances, they put the drama on hold or something. After a whole long time of checking, a couple of episodes finally came out! I was soo freaking excited that I didn't care if some episodes were in raw!

Quick summary of Skip beat: Kyoko Mogami is a sixteen year old girl who left her hometown with her first love, Fuwa Sho so he can pursue his dream to be a singer. Life was going good until he decides to ditch her now that he is famous. She was so mad that she decided to join show business to get revenge on him. She goes to the agency that is a rival to his and to her surprise, she runs into Tsugara Ren, the man who Sho really hates because of his popularity. How will she be able to pull this off?

The drama follows the manga really well and I just love it! The actors are cute and hot. Espeically Ren and Sho. *Dies*

It's been awhile since I checked if the first couple episodes were subbed but I really hope they are because I want to watch them again!