Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!!! :D

School just started up again and I was really busy with work during christmas break. I know that its a bit late and the world is ending anyways, (I don't believe that **** :P pardon my french) so I just wanted to wish all my awesome viewers a happy new year~! I love the new year because you get to think of a new year resolution. I love new year resolutions!!! Guess what mine is???


Actually, I have a list. My new year resolutions are......what some of my friends say, "typical" and funny.

Number one, the top of my list and maybe everyone's- earn alot of money!!! > v <

There are two things that are tied for number two- find a nice, hot guy to hook up with (I'm pretty sure every girl would love to have one of those) and read/watch as many manga/anime for the next year and get alot of manga books! Since my best friend gave me quite a bit of manga for christmas (I love her!!!), I need a bigger book shelf which is a good sign.

Number three, hmmm.......what was number three again? I was distracted by that hot picture. Anyways, I have to get high marks and finish highschool. I think I'm doing well considering the semester is ending soon. Great. Exams are coming up. Sigh. Again.

Number four! Go to Philippines! My goal is to go there to experience the culture that I never lived. I want to try the school there and maybe ask my cousins to hook me up with a guy. Haha! I also want to wear a uniform because it seems so cool!

Number five. My goal for this year is to get better at drawing backgrounds and guys. If my goal for getting a guy will not work, I can always draw my own! I have no life....... :D

Just so you know, I do have a list from last year 2010-2011. If your curious you could read my post here. I have already achieved some of my goals from last year. I did get a bit fatter which is a good thing if you read my post and I got manga books throughout the year. So far drawing is slowly getting better.....I think and learning Filipino is getting somewhere.

I'm really happy because for the past year my blog has grown so much and I enjoy blogging for you guys. I think I'm going to cry......sniff sniff. I think I have gotten better at writing thanks to this (not much). Hey, as long as there is manga and anime, my blog will always be open!

Oh! My fellow viewers!! If you have any manga/anime to recommend me, please recommend it!! Comment on my blog or something!! Suggest away!!!! :D Just no scary ones, anything with yaoi (I read quite a bit to be honest -////-), romance, comedy or even gender bender, shonen or shojo, I would definitely read/watch!

Happy New year! :D