Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!

Well all over the world they probably gotten into their New year but not here...but I love New Years Eve! I love to stay up until midnight! Its soo much fun! That means a whole ton of food and parties!!!!


Anyways......Happy New Years Eve!


Oh no!!! That means I have to go back to school!!!! I don't wanna!!!! Dang it! I love sleeping in until noon , staying up late and going on the computer and, and yeah!! I love being lazy!!! I don't want to do homework!!! I don't think anyone does....
Well like most people I decided to make myself a New years goal or resolution of some sort. So I made this list. Don't you dare laugh!

1. Get Fatter cause I'm quite skinny and no matter how much I eat...I don't get any fatter.........My goal is to get fatter!!!

Friend: Thats rude
Chibiko: Well getter fatter is #1 on my list so I'm going for it!
Friend: Most girls wouldn't go for that goal....they try to lose weight
Chibiko: Well I'm not one of those girls! I want to gain weight!
Friend: Your impossible
Chibiko: I can be and you aren't the boss of me!

2. Get more manga books and read and watch more! (Must increase manga collection!)
3. Get better marks (I think I am failing so yeah)
4. .....Draw better backgrounds.....everything cause I suck
5. Fine I'll say it, Be nicer to my siblings
6. Beat my sibling in Piano and my friend and past the test for it
7. Visit my friends up north
8. Learn Filipino, Spanish, Japanese and Korean

I think thats it.......So yeah I hope next year will be a great one for you and me!

Random Manga Recommedation!: Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Title: Tokyo Crazy Paradise, 東京クレイジーパラダイス
Author: Yoshiki Nakamura creator of Skip beat! (Another great manga! ^0^)
Genres: Romance, Action, Gender bender and Comedy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Tokyo 2020, girls are being mistreated and the crime levels are very high. Tsukasa a girl dressing up as a boy from the request from her mother, a police officer along with her father. They are both killed investigating a murder of Ryuji's father, a leader of the Kuryugumi Yakuza group. Their deaths leave Tsukasa and Ryuji orphans and he has to succeed the group. Tsukasa helps out to find the murderer. After the murderer is found Tsukasa finds herself indebted to Ryuji because her brothers have ate alot of food and put it on Ryuji's tab and so she becomes his body gaurd until she pays it all off. Ryuji increases her debt by making her eat expensive food to making her break expensive vases. He does this so she can stay by his side.

This manga is the best gender bender I've read!!!! (Sorry Hana Kimi, you just been jumped down to number 2 best gender bender) I really really really really love it!!!! Soo good! I only started a few days ago (yesterday) and its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the romance, love triangles and cross dressing! >.< I cried a couple times and its soooooo goood!!!! >Sigh< I just love it! You better read it!!! If not then....You don't know what you are missing!!!!!

Arigatou!! Have a Happy New year!