Friday, December 3, 2010

Manga recommendation: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Now.....I'm quite bored and I don't want to do my math homework, as always but anyway I hate math or projects and school. Grrrrrr......-_-
As you can tell....I'm running out of subjects to talk about. You are probably thinking that "You have made soo many posts in the past month or so and you already ran out of ideas?!" Well I'm quite pathetic and I am quite hungry

By the way....don't you think that this picture is cute??? Sigh......Its a shame.........I want to eat it.
Today since it is Friday (Yay!) a new chapter of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano came out today. I was soo happy!!! If your wondering Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a Shonen Manga. It is very awesome and a has a great story line.
Summary: Sawada "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi, also known as "No good Tsuna" He wasn't good in school or sports, in anything. Until one day a baby named Reborn who claims that he came from the Mafia, tells Tsuna that he is the next Vongola boss, the tenth boss (Vongola X). Other candidates have already died so he will be the next heir. Reborn was sent to train him by the current boss, Timoteo a.k.a "Vongola IX". Apparently Tsuna couldn't believe that this baby would train him and also he doesn't want to be the next boss but still Reborn makes him. One of Reborns methods to train Tsuna is the "Dying Will bullet" which allows the person to "Die" and come back to life to fufill the last regret they just had. Along the way Tsuna makes friends and even with his crush Kyoko Sasagawa. Also he faces many challenging adventures!

You should really try it!!! Man it is soo amazing. The art starts out bad but.....It gets better when you get into it. Also don't freak out when he is hit with the dying will bullet because he becomes half naked well he is in his underwear but please don't stop watching the anime or reading the manga because he does get the Vongola gloves which doesn't involve him going around half-naked. So don't freak out!! But the story line is totally amazing! It starts out pretty slow but it picks up the pace when you get into it more. I'd say it is one of the best Anime's/Manga's I've ever watched/read!
This manga is rated 17+ Older teen- Alchohol, Smoking and Action