Monday, December 6, 2010

Peach Pit!

As of today I will be recommending all this Manga to you cause I am bored and yeah I just love doing this.

.....I know this is a old post but....I needed to fix it! It was really bothering me! I just added more stuff about Shugo Chara......I really love Shugo Chara!!!!! To bad it ended.....

Ok first manga I'd like to recommend is to those who love Gore, a bit of Romance, Action, Comedy and Mystery. There is many kinds of manga's with these kinds of genres but I want to recommend my favourite(s) I hope you like them!
Title: Zombie Loan
Author: Peach-pit
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Tragedy, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Michiru Kita is a special girl who possesses Shinagami Eyes. This enables her to see a kind of ring on every person. Every person has a Grey ring but if the ring is or has turned black then it indicates that the person will soon die. She soon learns that 2 boys in her class named Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana has black rings on their necks. She soon finds out that they hunt "Zombies" (Don't remember what they call them) and everytime they kill them they earn money. Apparently they have to pay a certain debt because they chose to live after an accident they encountered. Chika and Shito are kinda like a "Zombies" as you call it.

Sorry If I explained it wrong......I read this awhile back so don't blame me if I got some stuff wrong! But I really really love this manga! Too bad the anime is very short......grrr...haha. The storyline is utterly amazing!!

My next recommendation is by the same people who wrote Zombie-Loan. If you like Magical Girl, Romance and Comedy then you'll definitely love this one.

Title: Shugo chara
Author: Peach-pit
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Slice of Life, Magical Girl
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Amu Hinamori a girl with a cool outer character. She is called "Cool and Spicy" by most people from her school. They think that but......thats not the real character. Everytime she comes home she is worn out because of her outer character. She wants to be honest and wants her true character to show more. She then wishes for more courage. The next morning she finds 3 eggs in her bed. Right there her life has changed.

I love this anime/manga!!! It is my favorite from Peach Pit!!!! The art is awesome and cute! The story line is unique and interesting, meaning I have never read it before! Its amazing! Ikuto I love you~!!!! He is soo hot!! > x < Tadase's character change is really hilarious!! If you haven't read or watched this really have to!!!! I guarantee you, you will like it!!

If you have read this........AMUTO ALL THE WAY! :P