Thursday, December 2, 2010

Red Hot Chili Samurai

Alright!! We have just passed 340 viewers!! Yay!!!! I cannot have done it without you awesome viewers!!!
Sorry I just want to Thank you guys. Oh and forgive me for I havent posted anything for the past days because of school and homework (Grr...) and I never got to drawing!!! I like drawing....Anyways for the past few days were all stressing and yeah if you go to high school you would probably know. So yesterday our band played in the grand opening of our school. Our school was under renovations and finally it was done! We played sooo awesome yesterday!!

So now I will talk about what I want for Christmas. Christmas......he he I want a whole bunch of books for christmas!!! I know I'm a geek but I want Manga books for christmas!! Oh and Chocolate! Haha Recently I read a new manga book called Red Hot chili pepper samurai. Its actually very very very good!! It is very funny and awesome!!! I'm not very good at making reviews about manga (Don't judge me cause I'm new to this blogging thing) but.....just try it.

Here I'll tell you about it!

Summary: Sento Kokaku the son of a lord who loves to chili peppers (Funny haha Usually most characters love sweet stuff but.....liking something thats spicy? Thats new....) But he also loves to help his father with kicking bad guys butt!! Haha! Along with his Ninja friend (The silent type), Ran (Cute girl) and.......what was his name again? Oh well umm I forgot.......just read the dang manga and you will know who I'm taking about!!! See? I'm not that great at this kind of stuff!!

This book recently came out I believe. Red Hot Chili Samurai is by Yoshitsugu Katagiri. The art and style is soo amazing!!!! I tried drawing Kokaku and it went fairly well. To me the style is kinda easy. I'm not great at giving out advice but if your new to drawing manga characters then try using different styles. I go on and off with different styles because well I want to learn them all! Well not really I just want to learn the differences of styles and mabye master at least one or make my own style and maybe one day become a Mangaka.......don't make fun of my dream!! If you like some part of the style then you could use it and try making into your own. If your comfortable with it then keep working on it and you'll get better!