Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Friends are the best things ever!

A few days ago I saw my best friend from up north. I was soo happy to see her!! >///< I was like, excited!!! Well I haven't seen her in awhile so I should be. I feel kinda bad cause they gave me such awesome presents for Christmas!!!! I am the type of person who doesn't like to be in yeah. Do you have a problem with that?! Geez people just tick me off so easily especially siblings. (Sorry I changed the subject but I'm sorta pissed so don't take whatever I said to seriously) Anyways........let me just talk about myself (I'm just awesome like that!) So as I was saying.... sometimes siblings, mangakas, actors and friends tick me off (though I don't show who much in front of my friends well because....I don't want to break our relationship) Ya know I feel sorta better typing this stuff here.....I'm soo happy! Everyone gets mad at someone every once in a while so I was having one of those days. As I said don't take my words on this post to seriously.

Since I'm feeling better I'll just go back when I was opening my present from my two best friends from up north. I got like a whole bunch of manga books! I only got them chocolate and a manga book....I feel bad......anyways I got Bloody Kiss vol 1-2 (I hate the ending but overall it is soo good and funny!), Chrono Crusade vol 1-3 (I read the rest online....I don't like the ending either but it is great and funny) and Fall in love like a Comic! vol 1 (Very good and cute) Also I quite a fan of pocky and Hello Kitty (I know I'm such a kid so don't you dare judge me!!) Oh that reminds me of the time I went to New york for a Band trip and we went to Times square and we went to the Hello Kitty store!!! It was called Sanrio! I was like soo excited, happy and yeah overjoyed and I also felt part of me was like I'm so happy to be alive! T0T

The funny thing people think I'm a nice person (which sometimes I am) and what was that word? Oh yes, Humble. Some friend of mine nominated me Happy Go Lucky for our student of the month in our school which really kinda doesn't really suit me. I feel sorta happy getting it but I don't think I deserve it......Oh well I'll say this....In your faces!!!! HAHA!!!!! Sorry I'm hyper!!!!!! >0<

Arigatou!!! Happy New year!!