Thursday, December 23, 2010


You know its Christmas break right? Well don't get me wrong but...I have homework still!!! I was hoping that I wouldn't have homework but.....noooooo!!! Man!!! I can't get sleep and relax!!! Why??? Because I haven't handed in something!!! I consider that homework because....I don't want to get a bad mark for it!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friend: She tries to get good marks but....sometimes get b- OW!!!!!! (Chibiko holding a pan) What was that for???
Chibiko: You deserve it!!!!!!!!! You jerk!!! Your not supposed to tell them about my marks!!!!!
Friend: That was uncalled for!!!!!!
Chibiko: Anyways......My other friends who read this blog are wondering who is this "Friend" in this blog.....
Friend: I'm Chibiko's imaginary friend of course!! Who else would I be?
Chibiko: .......I was supposed to tell them!
Friend: They (I mean your viewers) probably think that your psycho right now. I don't think thats the  problem cause your a total idiot!
Chibiko: Maybe we should stop talking.......
Friend: But they don't know what my real name is!!!!
Chibiko: I don't they don't care, much less me
Friend: You cold cold person!!!!!!
Chibiko: Don't make me hit you with a frying pan!!
Friend: I think that means you...........
Chibiko: Shut up!!!
Friend: I'm out of here!
Chibiko: (Sigh) I hate school. It makes me talk to myself......grrrr

I'll try to draw this out for you so it won't be confusing!! So....wait until then!