Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ureshii yo~!!!!!!

I-am-so-happy!!!!!! Why?? I don't have any homework!! Yay!!!!! I also went skating today with my awesome best friend George!!!! Hahah! She is like the most awesomest person ever!!!

Yosh!! To be honest I have offically ran out of things to write about.....mabye haha! Right now I am watching a Japanese Drama called Hana Yori Dango. I really really love it! Here I'll tell you about it!

Summary: Makino Tsukushi goes to a school called Eitoku Gakuen (Eitoku High school), a school where very very rich kids go to, like kids of owners of big corporations. Apparently she is the only "Commoner"  who goes to that school. There is only 4 guys that practically rule the school. They are called F4. All 4 of them come from very powerful families. Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader of F4 and the heir to Domyoji World Financial Group. Hanazawa Rui the introverted son of a large company. Nishikado Sojiro a playboy who is the heir of a Tea Ceramony school; Mimasaka Akira a lady killer with ties underground. Every time one of them is pissed off, they send a Red notice to a student who pissed him off.

This Red notice is kinda like "declaring war" I know its dumb it once the student finds out they have one then all the students of Eitoku Gakuen bully the person and drive him/she out of the school.
Makino wishes to pass her days quietly without drawing attention to herself. But one day she stands up for a friend; Sakurako. The next day she was given a Red notice and was soon getting harrassed by the students of Eitoku. This was not going to stop her from attending the school and then declares war on F4. This catches the attention of Hanazawa Rui; her crush and the leader, Domyoji Tsukasa.

I really really love this Drama! I tried watching the anime but it was wayy to old and I kinda don't like the style of art. I really hated Tsukasa at first then later on I started to love him! But I really hate his mother!!! Oh whoops....not supposed to tell.....haha

You really have to listen to the song Planetarium by Ai Otsuka it is like, the best song ever!! You can listen to it on Youtube and sorry if I spelt Planetarium wrong.