Monday, December 6, 2010

What to write about?

First of I'm Sorry for not posting anything for the past few days so here enjoy reading it!

You know what? I feel like talking about my favourite Shojo artist, Arina Tanemura!! She is absolutely awesome!! I just love her Art and how she makes her stories!!! I love it!!!! >.<

The picture on the right is one of her latest Manga's: Sakura Hime Kaden. It is soo awesome and I'm sorry but I think her art in this one might have gotten worse but I still love it! The story is soo amazing!!! I'm still waiting for the next chapter for it to come out (I read it online) and I heard it might come out in book form in America.....I think but I hope so!! It is totally amazing!!! 

Once again I'm going on and on about manga. And this one might have been the most awesomest (in my opinion) out of her work is Full Moon wo sagashite. It is soo awesome and made me cry (I'm quite an emotional person) when I watched the anime which is bad but yeah overall I think its ok. It doesn't follow the manga well but I love the songs! This Anime/Manga is probably one of her most popular works ever!

I also love Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne!! It is soo awesome!! It may be one of her older works but it is still awesome! I just love how the story is about theives! Well mabye not but some of it is. I love how the she likes is the kinda like the bad guy. I love Maron and Fin!

This picture on the top here is mabye all of her works I think.

I hope you try reading some of her Manga's!! Arigatou~!!!