Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is my little rant about people dating very early. Seriously.....Don't start to date early if you want to get your heart broken early!!! Jeez! Grrrr........I have a few friends asking people out but ended up heartbroken. Man If you are already dating, good for you and thinking that I am one of those people who asked people out but no you are wrong. 4 things.

1. Parents won't allow me to date (I don't really care)
2. I don't really have time for that kind of stuff
3. I'm quite young
4. I don't really see the point of dating now because I'm still in my first year of Highschool and I don't really care about dating and I'm not ready for dating (I know I'm a baby but really)

Just all in all it would be nice to date but I'm not ready for it. But without Love or something then there will be any Romance Manga's!!! I'd say it is quite cute to see new dating people. See I'm not a love or date hater!

Most people do it just to become popular which really makes me angry. But don't get mad at me. How do I put this? Just because of this post means you can't date, If you really think you are ready then......Go ahead for Love!! But just be prepared to become heartbroken any time soon. And don't worry, if you do you have friends to support you. Also if you do get heartbroken and go into a little depression session....SNAP OUT IF IT! Go on, Move on and live your life or Look for a new love. The reason I don't date is because I don't want to deal with those kind of feelings. I'm not ready for it. So Yeah this is my little rant about Love or Dating so don't get mad at me!! I'm just saying whats on my mind right now!!