Sunday, December 12, 2010

Over 300!! Manga Recommendation: Highschool of the Dead

Yay!! You know I'm a total Geek, Otaku whatever you wanna call it right? Well I was really really bored one day and I decided to make a list of what Manga's I've been reading and Anime's I've been watching, and also Drama's. So I numbered each one and added a whole ton and I reached over 300!!! Yay!! (.....I know I watched many and read many) If you want to know (or care at least) what Anime's or Manga's I've actually read and watched then ask by commenting on this post after you read this.

Ooh guess what???!! My blog has reached 501 or mabye more!!! I-AM-SO-HAPPY!!!!!! YAYY!!!!! (Bow Bow) So anyways.......I am really bored and I don't want to do Social or Science homework (Who would? I finished doing half of it anyway so don't worry)

So I started watching the Korean Version of Hana Yori Dango, it is called Boys over Flowers. I really love it! It is soo funny!!!! Man I get it out of my head.....hehe The story may be different but I really love it!!!!! And the actors are soo hot!!!! (Drool) Well anyways if you are wondering I haven't finished watching the Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango but I am close though! It is soo beautiful!!! (Sniff...Wipes a tear)

Well I am a freak, a manga freak whoohoo!!! So if you want to read about an Anime or Manga then here you go. A Manga Recommendation on Highschool of the dead!

I was bored and I wanted to scare myself, which hardly ever happens so anyways I started to watch a Horror, Mystery, Comedy and Mature (OOO I'm bad., Whatever it doesn't phase me). So I started watching it right, then I got a few minutes into it and.......I freaked out! Why?? Well because there was ZOMBIES!!! I know I am a baby but once you start to watch this Anime or read the Manga would get scared...well mabye not if your a kind of person that dosent get scared easily but I am...well not really only scary movies scare me......

Title: Highschool of the dead, 学園黙示録
Author: Daisuke Sato
Genres: Horror, Shonen, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Action, Mature
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: One word Zombies. The whole school gets infected with Zombies. Once you are bitted then you are doomed. (I'm over exaggerating....but its true your dead when your bitten) So many people are trying to survive. Only 2 people are only shown........Jeez I don't feel like explaining this to you right now! Just read it on Wikipedia (a wonderful thing) Beware though. This Anime is Mature and it may contain some bad language, Blood, Gore and some really revealing....ummmm nevermind.

The story line is great and art is awesome but the only thing that ruins it is the Ecchi. It freaks me out more than the zombies! I love the story line!

There you have it! Arigatou!!!!