Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally its Friday!!!

FINALLY!!!!! FRIDAY!!! You don't know how happy I am!!!! I haven't getting any sleep lately, which is really bad. But now I get to take a nap and go on the computer!!!! Yay!!! Wait.......There's homework!!! NOOO!!!! Oh well it is the weekend afterall. I can do it later or mabye last I shouldn't do that!!! Yes....No!!!!! Thats bad for me!! It creates stress!! I have to study for this test and that....ARAHGHA!!! Haha!

Anyways I got to miss class because of a thing called Speak out. Apparently its all about how they want to hear the opinions of students about school. Like what could change about teaching and whatnot. Apparently I actually liked it because I miss 3 hours of class including Math class (Friend: Elbows me in the Rib Me: Ow!! What was that for?! Friend: For dissing math Me: .......) Ow....Anyways but I miss band class......I wonder if they get doughnuts?

Anyways...Grrr.....Oh We talked about what we could change about how the teachers teach. We talked about distractions. Like annoying people at school who prevent us to learn. Or teachers who talk on and on and on and just plain boring. We also talked about why we go to school. The reason I go to school is to learn. Ha ha what an awesome reason. I have another reason too, to see my friends and I have nothing else to do so I go to school. So after that we had Pizza!!! Yay for Pizza!!

I just hate that we have school on a Friday. Why can't we sleep in? I just want to watch anime all day!!! Oh If you viewers have any good Manga or Animes to watch...please comment and tell me!! I need some good ones!! I'm running out of Manga/Animes!!!