Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh no!!! (Nothing to do with it) Manga Recommendation: Gakuen Alice

Oh no!!! This is not cool!! My eyes are all red!!! I've been watching a drama and it made me cry!!!! How embarrassing....sorry Just keep reading and just don't mind me (Wipes away the tears)

Apparently I have like tons of Manga's and Animes to finish believe or not. You know I read a whole tons of Manga's and watch a whole load of Anime and well I usually stop watching or reading because well, it sometimes get boring or the episodes not getting released faster or the books or the chapters are not getting out any faster which annoys me.
So I read or watch something else which means I didn't finish reading or watching it. So I have tons of reading and watching to do this weekend....or mabye sometime....yeah thats the word sometime when I feel like it. Yes thats right! I'm lazy!! (I don't see how this have to do with anything)
Anyway one of the Manga's I have to catch up in is.....let me see......oh yes it was called umm.......Gakuen Alice. Its been awhile  since I've read it and it is not even done yet. Well the manga. I think the anime is done? I'm not sure. But this Manga is very amazing! I tried to summurize it with my memory, which.....yeah well I looked it up on Wikipedia and so it may have its similarities.
Title: Gakuen Alice, 学園アリス, Gakuen Arisu
Author: Tachibana Higuchi
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, School Life, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: A girl named Mikan Sakura (Mikan means Orange! Isn't that cool?) One day she goes to this school called Gakuen Alice in Tokyo, where people with special powers called "Alice" go to. She goes there to visit her friend Hotaru because she misses her. Apparently she runs into trouble but a teacher named Narumi-sensei from the school helps her out. After that he discovers that Mikan also has an Alice and she is accepted at the school. There she meets a boy named Natsume with the Alice of Fire. At first she thinks of him of an enemy but she becomes friends with him eventually in the story and with his best friend Luca. At the school she finds friends, love and adventures.

I really really love Mikan and Natsume together!! They are soo ment for each other! The Manga gets really good when you get into it and yeah. I just hate that the Manga and the Anime has quite a few differences which I'm not that surprised. Mikan still is in the love triangle with Natsume (Also means something but I forgot) and Luca or Ruca but it is left unresolved and her parents aren't even revealed and it frustrates me! But both are very cute and funny. I find the Manga alittle depressing but hey that won't stop me from reading it. It is absolutely awesome and amazing!!

Oh just to tell you there is alot of different types of Alices which is quite cool! Like, if a child has the power of Teleportation or some kind of ESP then they fall in the Latent Alice type which is quite common in the school. Another common is the Technical Alice types. This alice type is based on the research field. For example: Cooking, Inventing and Plant Manipulation. There are some other Alice Types but my favourite Alice is the Special Alice type. This is for people have rare Alices so there many different people in this class. For example the Nullification Alice (I have no idea what kind of alice it is but it seems cool).

Luca is soo cute! It is soo funny how he actually loves animals! It is soo funny!!