Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 Day Katekyo Hitman Reborn Challenge~! Day 1!

Man, I must be extremely bored! I have to read this book and do a test on it........but I don't want to! I have to practice piano.........but I don't want to either! I want time to myself today! I looked at this awesome site for challenges and I found this one! :D

I'm just doing this challenge because I have show my love for this Manga/Anime and it shows how much I know about Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Are you a true fan? >:o

If you don't know what Katekyo Hitman Reborn is, I'll try to explain it to you as fast and accurate as possible. LOOK IT UP! OR READ MY RECOMMENDATION! Ok ok ok, sorry, here, if you are too lazy, I'll just make one up right here!

What?! I'm kidding! >XD

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is about a kid named No-good Tsuna (Tsunayoshi Sawada is his real name!). He is bad at sports and school and pretty much not good at anything but running away.

However, one day a baby named Reborn showed up and offered/forced Tsuna to be his Katekyo or Home teacher in English. It is revealed that Tsuna is the 10th boss of the Vongola family and Reborn is there to teach him the ways of becoming a boss. But.........will Tsuna be up for it? Will he even have a choice?

Ok, there you go! I just had to make a summary at the top of my head but hey, I think its ok! Katekyo Hitman Reborn is rated Older Teen 16+ and is by the great Akira Amano. The manga is currently ongoing and the chapters come out every week. I'm so happy~! The manga has gotten a long ways! The anime is just amazing and it would be interesting if the creators decided to put more episodes. The characters are just lovable and funny. The storyline is something to remember. It combines my favorite genres together, Shonen, Action, Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy. Katekyo Hitman Reborn is AMAZING! I have to watch this anime again....... :)

Here's the list! Just so you know, if you haven't watched all of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, there will be some posts that will be containing numerous spoilers so........I'll warn you!

Day 1: Favorite male Character
Day 2: Favorite female character
Day 3: Favorite Arc
Day 4: Favorite Famiglia
Day 5: Least Favorite male Character
Day 6: Least favorite female character
Day 7: Favorite minor character
Day 8: Favorite fight
Day 9: favorite villain
Day 10: Favorite arcobaleno

Day 11: Favorite box weapon
Day 12: Favorite ship
Day 13: Favorite flame (sky, rain, storm, sun, lightning, cloud, mist)
Day 14: Favorite vongola member
Day 15: Favorite Koukuyo gang member
Day 16: Favorite shimon member
Day 17: Favorite varia member
Day 18: Favorite millefiore member
Day 19: Favorite mafia boss
Day 20: Anime or manga?
Day 21: Least favorite vongola member
Day 22: Least favorite shimon member
Day 23: Least favorite arcobaleno
Day 24: Least favorite varia member
Day 25: Funniest moment/episode
Day 26: Saddest moment/episode
Day 27: Favorite opening
Day 28: Favorite ending
Day 29: Favorite quote
Day 30: Why do you like Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Day 1, your favorite male character.....? Huh.........let me think.........I don't know!! > x < I respect Tsuna's fighting and coolness when he fights. Plus, he is pretty hot when he gets going. :P I love Reborns faith in Tsuna and his costumes! The two are amazing together. They make a great comedy duo and with everyone around them.

Ok..........seriously, I really love the First boss of the Vongola! He looks like Tsuna but..........taller, hotter and with blonde hair! OH MY GOOODNESS!!

First Boss- Giotto!


I also love Colonello!! His adult version is sooo hot!! I love his personality too!! Sigh..............in the end.......I can't pick! Ok ok ok, fine! I'll pick one..........but it doesn't mean he is my top fav! Day one's challenge go to Colonello!! :D


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