Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July New Anime! Hakuouki: Reimeiroku

It's so hot outside! I think I'm going to die just by this heat! I'm moving.......moving to the basement and never coming out until winter comes! I'm sorry but I'm not used to hot weather! I want the ice and cold to come sooner........I hate summer when its hot! I get terrible headaches and I feel faint! Someone save me!

Anyways, I have to thank my friend for driving me home after work because it was insanely hot out to walk. Seriously, I could have been metled chocolate out there! Even worse, a fried egg!!

I started watching the new Hakuouki: Reimeiroku~! Hakuouki is an extremely popular game that is available on many different consoles such as the DS. I really want the games! Hakuouki has been adapted into two different manga's and several animes. Hakuouki: Reimeiroku is the third season and is known to be prequel of all the other Hakuouki seasons. Should I even comment on the art? The guys are hot. Period. Man, I could look at them all day! One of the reasons why I watched this anime is because I wanted to see hot guys shirtless........I know, I'm weird! Don't judge me!

 Title: Hakuouki: Reimeiroku (prequel)
Genres: Comedy, Shojo, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy (NO! Those hot guys better exist!)
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (animeseason.com) The story takes place in 1863 as the violent uprising due to political discord disrupt Japan. The Tokugawa shoganate creates the Roshigumi, a masterless group of samurai to aid Aizu forces in Kyoto. However, things aren't boding well for the new police force, as assassinations split the group into two opposing factions. The more powerful faction is led by Kamo Serizawa while the smaller faction is led by the noble-minded Kondo Isami. Enter Ryuunosuke Ibuki: a young man who hates samurai and is forced to become Serizawa's servant due a blood debt.

So many hotties~!! Thank you people for subbing and letting this anime out to the public!!! I love this anime! I haven't played the games so I don't know this storyline very well. I'm very familiar with the main characters of course but some characters not so much. It will be fun learning about them when I watch this anime! The storyline is just getting started!

I sometimes sleep like this..... :)



  1. Wow!!! I didn't know about this. I haven't even watched the OVA from last year. Brb downloading. I love Hakuouki,perfect combination of history with good looking characters.

  2. omg *squeal* fan girl moment, i absolutly love love love this anime i cant get enough of it. good looking guys fighting its just amazing! now i need to just figure out the order of the animes, play the video game, and see if i can find the manga if they have one for this anime series and i will be complete!(^_^)


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