Monday, July 16, 2012

Lots of things to talk about!!!

I'm back~!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted...............I was camping with my family since Wednesday! I'm telling the truth! I have sooo many things to tell you guys! You don't know how much I have to tell, I couldn't contain my excitement so, for the past few days I wrote in my notebook what I did. Kinda, like a diary but I just did point form. Since I have a computer to type my stuff in, I'll get into depth when I get into it. I'll get to the point if its not important! Here I go!

Oh yeah, just so you know, I often speak Filipino (at least TRY to) so......I'm sorry if you are confused. I'll put translations in brackets! I'm trying really hard to speak Tagalog so I can speak it well when I go to Philippines next year.

July 11, 2012 Wednesday

Got up at 7:30am (so early for summer vacation!). I hate waking up so early, especially for work. Pagod ako! (Trans: I'm tired) Anyways, I catch a ride with my mom and I head off to work.

Skip my horrible/quick/rush day of work. You know, the exciting thing was someone got fired today. It was quite interesting. The guy deserved to get fired! All he did was stand around and talk. Seriously, he was annoying too.

My parents come and pick me and my sibling from work and we head home to find that my the rest of my family is rushing to get the house cleaned and packed for camping. My mom is running around saying this to me, "Gawin ito at saka ito....mabilis na!" (Trans if I'm right: Do this and this...hurry up!) It was slightly irritating......ARGH. I hate going camping.

End of day. I stopped writing after that because well, it was boring! I had a four hour drive to the campsite. Me and my siblings were watching tons of movies to keep each other occupied. I know this day wasn't so exciting but hey, it gets better I swear! I'll skip to July 13, 2012 Friday.

July 13, 2012 Friday

After lunch, me and my family went fishing. The funny thing was, this guy comes up to us randomly and says, "Here, help me lighten my load". Ok, this guy was a complete stranger and I'll admit, it was weird. Me and my mother looked at him funny while my dad and siblings were busy fishing.

Anyways, what caught me off guard was when he started to pull out a watermelon out of his bag. Man, I thought he was giving us something else! It was weird......but it made my day! :D

After that, my siblings decided to go swimming. Just so you know, I hate swimming but I'm so good at it. I showered outside and they came back for lunch. After lunch, me and my family cleaned up and had to drive 2 hours to Edmonton because my cousin from up north was going to stay with us.

I hate driving to places but it was worth it. I got to see my old cousin (he has kids and can speak ok english) and we got to go to West Edmonton Mall to show him Canada. He hasn't stayed in Canada very long.

I didn't realize it was Friday the didn't feel like I had bad luck today! I got chinese food (yum!), new clothes, tons of food and new inking pens. I was so tempted to buy books.....but I couldn't! > x <

July 14, 2012 Saturday

The exciting thing we did was catch crayfish! Crayfish are like lobsters but wayy smaller. A friend of my mother told us that if you go deeper in the water, the crayfish can grow to the size of a lobster. Man, they tasted amazing too!

The net we used to catch them with.

Can you see the hotdog on the stick?

The bigger crayfish are fiesty! They pinch really hard........and really hard to catch! The bigger crayfish are smarter than the smaller ones.

Cooking them!

They turned red like lobsters! :D

Doesn't that look good?! XD

Me and my family went fishing again in the morning until I saw people laying on their stomach and looking in the water. I wondered what they are doing so I decided to that too. On the edge I saw something move and it looked like a lobster. I got excited and when I saw a crayfish!

I told my cousin and we caught the fish. It was so much fun! We started to walk to find more crayfish on the edges of the walk. A nice family gave us advice of catching them. We found them in the midst of catching a big crayfish on a stick. The family told us that crayfish come out of the creaks by putting a hotdog on a stick and putting it infront of the crayfish or a crack to lure them out. They gave us their sticks and told us to keep them because they were just catching the crayfish for fun. Plus, they don't eat crayfish.

The whole afternoon me and my family caught 40 crayfish. Of course, we stopped in the middle to eat and swim but we went back to the docks and fished for crayfish.

In the evening, my moms friend took me and my siblings fishing. My little brother caught a big Rainbow fish! In total, we caught four that night. It was scary because there was lightning and it started to rain.......I was having fun too! The gloomy weather ruined my fun.

July 15, 2012 Sunday

There was a bad storm last night! It was so scary!! > x <

For the first time in my life, I have been excited to go fishing again. I even woke up at 5:45 to go. Man, I'm such an idiot! It started raining half way to 7:00am but we caught four fish again! However, they were too small so we had to let go three fish.

After the fun cleaning and packing, we finally headed home. Man, camping was interesting.

There you guys go. That was my camping adventure! I'm sorry there wasn't any manga because I never had the time to read any! I have tons of posts about manga so have fun reading them!


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