Monday, July 16, 2012

Sailor Moon is getting a new anime + Code Breaker

Yesterday when I was supposed to do laundry, I went on the computer and discovered that Sailor moon is getting a new anime!!

I read it on I got so excited!! Man, Sailor Moon seriously HAS to make a new series! At times, I can't even find certain episodes in Japanese or subbed because.........well its old! I can't wait!! The creators are aiming to launch the new series next summer, 2013.

Read more info here! From what I've read, they haven't confirmed who will be voice acting the characters. I wonder who it will be.......anyways! I know everyone here is like, "Seriously? A new one now?" I know, I thought that for awhile but hey, Sailor Moon has been popular for so long now. Hunter x Hunter got a remake so why can't Sailor Moon get one too? I've been so happy when they started to republish the books again. I'm collecting them all!

It would be interesting to see it be remade with new or original voice actors. It would be nice if this anime was made with modern technology so there isn't static or..........I don't know! I just want Sailor Moon to get an anime!

I know this doesn't make sense but........Code Breaker is also gettting an anime too! I'm sooooo excited! For once they are getting the right manga's into animes. Code Breaker seriously does deserve an anime. The storyline is just amazing! For Shonen fans, this manga/anime is for you! :D Read my recommendation here! Or just look it up. :D


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