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Ranting about the ending of Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu

*This post contains LOTS of spoilers. Please turn back if you don't want to have the ending spoiled for you! I'll be ranting so......if you haven't read the manga, please do so!! This manga is amazing!*

You can read it here! If you want so read my recommendation on this manga, go here!

You know what's funny? I started reading this manga yesterday, did a manga recommendation and a new chapter just came today so now I have to change the status to "Completed". I decided to do a rant on the end. Sigh. Here it goes.

First things first, WHY DID THIS MANGA END LIKE THAT?! I know the ending was horrible but by some peoples standards, it was decent or good. Seriously, that didn't feel like it could like that! The second last chapter was making me cry so much I couldn't sleep! Hotate just had to die in that chapter! I was crying so bad!!! T_T I'll be going through the pro's and con's about the end. Have fun reading it! Oh, if you forgot what the manga is like or the ending, I'll give you a brief recap.

10 year old Hotate can see ghosts ever since she was born. Her grandmother got scared of her power and sent her to her live with her uncle. It turns out that her uncle is actually her real father. Hotate encounters numerous of different ghosts and new people who becomes friends and family to Hotate. One of those ghosts/people is Hayami. Throughout the manga, he seems like a friendly ghost about Hotate's age who likes to help her out whenever she needs it. Hotate finds out that he is actually a 14 year old boy (a hot looking 14 year old boy! :D) and alive in a hospital. Hayami's mother killed him but Hayami survived and in a coma. Hayami is a live-spirit who can go back to his body- but he doesn't know how.

Hayami has a problem with his mother killing him again but Hotate encourages to live his life boldy without anyone getting in his way. She says this (correct me if I'm wrong) when she's on a trip in the mountains with her class. Before Hayami was with Hotate, Hayami was talking with her father. Zenjirou tells Hayami something strange. "Bring back my daughter safely" (around those lines). A chapter or so back, it was hinted that Zenjirou can see in the near-future by touching someone. He touched Hotate and Zenjirou knew what was about to happen. Zenjirou just let it happen. (Why?!)

Hayami goes to the campsite were Hotate is and he tells her about he feels about going back to the living world. After that conversation, it starts to rain and then.............Hotote falls from a land slide. Hayami attempts to save her but he's a ghost, he can't touch her potentially.

Hotate wakes up to a sad Hayami. She looks around and spots her dead body. Of course, she was shocked. I would be shocked too! At this point, I was balling my eyes out!

Hayami was too shocked and sad to say anything but Hotate just teleports to her father. The second chapter ends with Hotate hugging father (I was crying so much!). The last chapter starts out with Hotate sleeping on the floor. (I'll get straight to the point!) Zenjirou talks with Hayami and Zenjirou's intentions were clear. Zenjirou let the tragedy happen so Hayami could come back to world of living. He says, "A spirit must where it must be" and it suddenly clicks. He has to go to the sky, or heaven in order to go back to the world of the living. Hotate smiles after talking with her father. After saying their good-byes she goes to the hospital where Hayami is. She asks him if he can with her. He agrees and they go. Hotate was expecting to go to heaven but when she truely wakes up, she is all bandaged and in the hospital with her classmates weeping for joy that she's alive. (WAHH!!!)

Hotate gets up and her classmates freak out of course but she tells them its fine. She walks to the next room where Hayami is also held. His eyes slowly open and Hotate smiles. (I of course was smiling and crying like an idiot) Hayami says, "Klutz" (Haha! XD) to her and closes his eyes again. Hotate was like, "That's the first thing you say to me after waking up?!" then she laughs. "Welcome back"

Sorry if my summary was inaccurate in some places......I'm tired ok! My eyes are still puffy from reading this manga!

I'll start with the Pro's of this ending. The good thing about the ending was that I don't have to suffer about waiting for more chapters. I hate it when it gets amazing then there are no chapters. I get bored waiting so I go to another manga and start reading it. I eventually forget about that amazing manga for a while until I look at my list of must-reads again.

At least, this manga doesn't have to go on hiatus or something. That would have been extremely bad. The mangaka is either too sick or to bored of the manga to continue. That means, more suffering for the faithful readers! Either way, the ending was ok but my standards. There could be more.....

Now for the Con's! I don't like ending because it left quite a bit of questions! What about Hayami's pyhsco mother?! I want to see Hayami overcoming his mother. One thing I was expecting from this manga was the romance. The development was getting to the right point where Hotate and Hayami is supposed to confess their feelings but......NO! ARGH! Can't the mangaka just give us 10 or more chapters so they clear up the cloud? I hate how the mangaka is like, "Here's the ending. Make up whatever you want about the character". That's what the mangaka is like! I hate it! Hotate and Hayami just look so cute together! Hotate is so lucky to have such a hot guy as a friend....... :D


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