Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Manga's/Anime's!

I must make up for the loss of manga/anime! I have been reading quite a bit and there may be shonen, shojo, yaoi (beware!!) or shonen-ai. You are probably wondering how I read this much manga or watch that many anime in one sitting, *takes a deep breath*, I stay up watching anime and I lock myself in my room reading manga. I know, I have no life whatsoever. It's the summer! I have nothing to do!

I'm sorry if there isn't enough manga/anime for you.......I just got back from camping! Give me a break! I'll put more up! I'm not going anywhere!

Title: 7 Senchi!, 7 Centi!
Author: Nanajima Kana
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Fantasy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: From Shoujo Crusade:
One day, while in search for more food, our heroine stumbles upon a jar of what looked like umeboshi; little did she know that it would bring her more than just a full stomach. The mysterious snack somehow makes her shrink and she can only grow back when she eats something (which is a bit of a chore if you're THAT tiny). And if that's not troublesome enough, she's also dealing with her crush who seems to like her best friend!?
The art is utterly cute~! I have always wondered what it would feel like to be seven centi........hmmmm...I would be pretty small! What a second......I swear I read this manga a long time ago! I probably forgot the title.......that happens a lot actually! That's not rare! :D

Anyways, the storyline has a typical herione who loves to eat (that would be me) and has two best friends (like me!). I do enjoy this manga........until you get to the part when it comes to the romance. Seriously, it feels a bit sloppy in this manga! I have fun and then.......boom. You know what I mean? This herione is pretty painful to watch when she has to handle love. I'm sorry, I feel the romance was written poorly. It could have been better! The romance would have its great and cute moments but that would be it.

Ok, for the good part! There were a couple good things about this manga. The art! :D And the uniqueness of the storyline. I really loved how the herione would become small when it came to eating food. If I became small, it save quite a bit of food! Haha! I laughed pretty hard when it came to certain scenes with the main guy and the herione. It's really interesting. Too be honest, this manga is probably one of my top 20 for favorite manga's. :D

 Title: A Fairy Tale For you
Author: Shiina Ayumi
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shojo, Romance, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed
Summary: ( A collection of three stories by the mangaka of "Penguin Brothers".

(1) Maasa is a beautiful country girl with suprising strength and character. Wolf is an ambitious young soldier. Wolf instantly falls in love with Maasa's beauty, though their personalities always clash. Battles pulls them apart, though a surprise waits for Wolf after the war.

(2) Lucy runs away from home to escape an unwanted marriage and future. With an unnamed mercenary she meets, Lucy grows and learns the meaning and value of true beauty. Returning to her past, she bravely creates a new future for herself.

(3) The relationships of four students are challenged when one boy receives a confession. His new girlfriend tries to make him into the perfect boyfriend - and tells his female friend to "stay away." Each character grows, changes, and learns a little more about themselves, each other, and their feelings.

Of course the art isn't the best thing in the world but hey, the storyline made it up for me! I think the art is pretty amazing. I love it so much! The guys are pretty hot too.....anyways! The storyline for the stories are so cute! I read the whole manga in one sitting........haha! I cried so bad! I didn't want the stories to end.....they were amazing! I loved them so much!!

I think I loved the last one the best! I feel like the first stories romance was a tad rushed and could have continued into another chapter. If the mangaka did that, then the story would have been twice as better! :D

Why does the art style sorta remind me of Arina Tanemura's art when she first started? The clothing for Wolf reminds me of Chiaki from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Interesting...... :)

 Title: Bara no Maria
Author: Jyumonji Ao and (Art) Sunao Misuzu
Genres: Gender Bender, Comedy, Fantasy, Shojo, Romance, Action, Adventure
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: From Iskultrip Scans and Manga Abyss:

Maria Rose, a BOY always mistaken as a girl, is burdened with debt after a strange event, and his sword, "Fake Consuming Inferno" is confiscated. At that time, Katari, a member of his clan, got a hold of some profitable information, but to obtain it, they have to go to an "Underground Raid", but things aren't as easy as it seems...

This is the story of love, friendship, and adventure of the beautiful "Cracker", Maria Rose.

I'm serious, people just somehow has the assumption that Maria is a girl. HE IS NOT! He even said so in the first chapter! My goodness, people are just so slow! I know Maria looks so much like a girl but he isn't!! Look closer!

Anyways, the art is AMAZING! I love the flow of Action and art! Its so cool! I didn't like the ending at all! It was just like..........amazing stuff and then, END. It's horrible! The storyline was so funny and action packed that I loved it so much, until the end! ARGH! I hate it when a great story ends like poo......sigh.

Title: Brother
Author: Ougi Yuzuha
Genres: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Mature, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: Mature
Status: Completed

Summary: ( 12 year old, Momoki Asuka, first met his soon to be step brother, Momoki Yui. The brothers were closer than the average step brothers, until one fateful summers day, they both accidentally get locked in a cabinet together for one hour, at a abandoned warehouse, near their family vacation destination. However, after they finally escape, something life changing happened to 7 year old Yui in that cabinet. Yui began avoiding Asuka, by joining his school Tennis club.

-10 Years Later-

Life has changed for 17 year old Yui and 22 year old Asuka. Yui is a super tennis star, whilst Asuka is still depressed that his younger brother is ignoring him.

As Asuka is still being avoided by Yui, the family decides to go to the same family vacation destination 10 years ago. Although, for the first time in 10 years, Yui chooses to join along with the family. At the same abandoned warehouse, Asuka gets stuck in a hole, until Yui purposely joins and gets stuck with him.

Now that the two brothers are together, Yui reveals the secrets of what happened to him in the Cabinet 10 years ago, and how it had changed him.

What will the brothers do, now that their secrets are revealed? Will they grow further apart or will they become closer?

Yuzuha Ougi's story, Brother, recounted in a hypnotic, dreamy prose, brotherly love, encapsulates the perfect true love feeling of sexual tension and alienation.

Wow.....just wow. I don't know why I like this manga. The storyline is pretty outragueous and funny while it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because the between them is just adorable! I really love this manga! :D :D


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