Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Diary.....

When I was cleaning my home a couple days ago, I found my many diraries in my drawers. Man, I couldn't believe how many there was! I wrote so much when I was a kid. Like every teenager, (I hope) we discover the glory of the internet at such a young age. I soon forgot about my diary and went to blogging. Blogging is another way I can keep track of what I read or watch. Did you know that I first started with a list of manga's/anime's I used to read/watch? Thanks to blogging, I don't need to write my list anymore! :D

*Yawn* I'm pretty sleepy! One of my good old buddies (Jen) slept over last night. I had work for 6 hours and I decided to have a sleep over because I felt lonely. All my friends are off doing something cool! My one friend is going to Holland and the other is probably in Disney Land. Lucky........I want to go too! The rest are probably chilling at home or working. I have to go camping next weekend and I don't want too!

Anyways, we went to Dairy Queen and the cashier lady was like, "One of you guys smell good". I stopped then I realized I totally splashed a whole bunch of perfume on after I showered from work. I hate the smell of sweat or feeling greasy so I decided to put perfume on. I don't normally put perfume on when I go to school in Canada but its summer! Its normal for me in the summer anyways because when I was in the Philippines, my aunt would always put cologne on me and my siblings before school so we wouldn't smell as bad when we sweat. As you know, Philippines is extremely hot and I tend to sweat alot!

So, me and Jen walked around town and it started raining. I love rain! We both saw a cat and it shedded on my pants! There was hair all over my was horrible! > x <

Anyways, I have a manga recommendation! Listen to this song first! Oh! If you haven't noticed, I finally figured out to be put music on my blog! Ok, just scroll all the wayy down until you find Mixpod Music or something like that. Just press the pause button and play the song I want you to listen to! This song is the reason why I am dedicated to playing piano! You can listen to it while reading this manga I'm about to recommend!

【Akai Ryuusei x Marasy】Gunjou Biyori / Ultramarine Weather【Piano x 2】

This is probably one of the reasons why I keep playing piano. I want to be like these guys! They are downright amazing! Look at their hands! They go so fast and......oh my goodness, they look so hot! Anyways, you have to read this manga I'm about to recommend! :D
 Title: Yamato Zenjiro to Moushimasu  Author: Maki Youko  Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Tragedy, School life, Drama, Shojo Reading Direction: Right to Left  Age Rating: 13+ Teen Status: Ongoing (There's one last chapter to the manga! Come out faster!) Summary: ( Hotate is a 10 year old girl who was living at her grandmother's house since her mother died. One day her grandmother tells Hotate that she can't care for her anymore because of her age and that she's going to have to live at her uncle's house. After moving to her uncle's house, she attends a new school, but things aren't easy because of her special ability to see the dead. Can she make friends with students in her new class? And what's the secret behind the bond between her and her uncle...?!
Just reading the first chapter was just heartbreaking and beautiful!! The art is adorable! To be honest, I accidentely came across this manga when I was trying to click on another manga. It gave me this manga instead and I ended up reading it. I REGRET NOTHING! This manga is amazing! I ended up crying in every stinking chapter! I think Chapter 6 and the last chapter made me cry the most. The storyline just sticks to your head and heart. It's heartbreaking yet touching. In some ways, this manga reminds me of Full moon wo Sagashite......just read the manga, you'll understand!
Stupid chapters, come out faster! It was just getting started! The storyline was starting to get to the climax and the wheels are starting to move, this is going to kill me! OH MY GOODNESS! I think I'm going to kill someone if the chapters don't come out! I want to know what happens! I'm crying so bad right now!
The guys are so hot~!! The art is amazing! But the art style reminds me Arina Tanemura......the mangaka is amazing! Anyways! I can't believe some of the kids are in elementary school! They are so hot! Looks like they'll be lady killers when they grow up! :P The eyes are memorable. This type of art inspires me to draw! Arigatou~!!

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