Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 28: A Drama not loved by many but you seem to like

I'm back~! Camping was........interesting. My mother bought a camper for Mother's day. She got it for herself, it's pretty funny. :D The first day of camping was really boring and hot. My siblings just biked around and stayed in the sun. My goodness, they were so dark! My one sibling is a misquito magnet.....poor guy. I feel sorry for him! I wasn't even bitten once!

I didn't realize that it is the first day of July today! Happy Canada Day!! > x < Happy Birthday Canada!!! Did you know that Canada just turned 142? That's pretty old! WOW! :D :D I remember going to the Canada Day parade when I was a kid. I loved the Candy and the cool floats there. I can't wait to see the fireworks at the park today! I love fireworks!! So romantic.....just ignore me! >:o

Some people don't like City Hunter or Boys over Flowers. Interesting........oh well. Thats their own opinion and I have my own!


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