Friday, August 19, 2011

A post in a long time!.....I think?

First of all, I'm sooo sorry!!!! I haven't posted in a while!!! I have an excuse!!!!! I had work (8 hours today!) and whatnot.....too be honest, I was lazy too.

But that doesn't stop me in watching anime, Korean drama's and reading manga. I have a great a Korean drama to recommend!! I just started watching it a few days ago and I'm totally in love! Especially with the main character.....he is sooo hot!!! Everytime I see him.......I nearly die!!! He is sooo outrageously hawt~!!!

This Korean drama is called City Hunter. It is based on the Japanese Manga, City Hunter, written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo. Just so you know, I have never read the manga.

Title: City Hunter
Author: (Japanese Manga) Tsukasa Hojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Action, Drama, Mystery
Age Rating: 13+ Teen (Seems like it) and (Manga) 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed (20 Episodes)

Summary: (I'm tired.....this summary is from somewhere. Please forgive me!! > x < Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) works at the Blue House's National Communication Network Team and received his Ph.D at M.I.T. Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) is a bodyguard at the South Korean president's residence, the Blue House . Na Na lost her parents by car accident since than she made a living by doing part time jobs. She became a bodyguard at the Blue House and she falls in love with Lee Yoon Sung.

Oh, did you know????? If you are a fan (or at least know) of the Korean version of Boys over Flowers
then you would know one of the main guys (F4), Gu Jun Pyo. The actor for him (Lee Min Ho) also plays Lee Yoon Sung in City Hunter. He did such an excellent job!! He was sooooo cool!!!!!! >///<

He looks so hot with a gun and his clothes!!! (That didn't make sense. Oh well) I love the way he dresses! (There you go) His clothes are just down right cool. Wait, why do all korean's have awesome clothes? Why can't we get them here in Canada too?

Back to the suject, I really love the way he smiles!!! (Melts) I can just die of happiness right now. I am so jealous of Kim Na Na.....lucky girl.....^_^

Enough with Lee Min Ho for now......I will talk about the story line! First of all, I was really amazed by the beginning. Right from the get-go I started from hating to loving characters. I teared up, felt frustration, happiness and a whole bunch of emotions! Its amazing!!! The story line is unpredictable and predictable. So mysterious, comedy, romance and a whole bunch of awesome action! I don't know what else to say! I am totally in love with the story line!!!

The character development is amazing! Even the romance is great too! :D

I can finally talk about the characters! There are so many different characters! I love it!! They don't stick with the boring scary characters throughout the story, they throw in a whole bunch of different people and they all clash. I get to see the other side of their characters when they are together and not. Its great! ^ . ^

I totally recommend this drama!!! What you have just read from me, this drama is down right amazing, awesome and great. I gaurentee you, this drama will not let you down!