Friday, August 5, 2011

I watched it!! Ouran High School Host Club Drama!!!!!

Well as you heard, O.H.S.H.C has a drama and I watched it!! If your wondering where to watch it, you can watch it here!

My thoughts on the Drama......what should I say? Oh, yes. I was kinda disappointed but I still enjoyed it. The Drama is pretty funny. The actors acted out their characters very well. Especially the person who acted out Tamaki. He got Tamaki's character all right but.....his hair bothers me! He has to be blonde!!! Or else he can't have the same atmosphere or whatever. It doesn't feel right.

The actors for Kaoru and Hikaru......I-....just wow. You know what? Every time I read the manga or watch the anime or drama and see Kaoru and feels like a Yaoi......anyways! The actors for them did a great job. But they could be hotter.....forgive me.

My big big big problem is.......Honey senpai!!! He doesn't look like and sound like him!!! ARGH!! But I love his bunny though! I want Usa-chan soo bad!!!