Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm pretty slow at things like news......I'm sorry if you already know that Skip Beat is getting a drama. If not, enjoy this post!!

File:Skip Beat.jpg

As you read from the title, Skip beat is getting a drama! I have no idea when it is coming out so don't ask me. As long as it actually comes out and there is english subs then.....I can wait. Wait, cross that out. I can't wait. I wanna see the drama soooo bad!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!!!! > x <

The drama will be in Taiwanese. The actors are pretty cool and cute. Mogami Kyoko will played by Ivy Chen. Choi Si Won (From the boy band, Super Junior) as Tsuruga Ren (total hotty~!) and Fuwa Sho will be played by Lee Dong Hae (he is hot too!!! <3 Also from Super Junior). I can't forget Kyoko's friend, Kotonami Kanae (Jiang Nanqing) who will be played by Bianca Bai.


I'm really excited when this drama comes out!!! I want to see how it will turn out! Hopefully not too bad!!