Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hana Kimi Remake!!

I just found this out recently and I freaked out! I absolutely LOVE Hana Kimi! I read the manga and everything! I even watched different versions of Hana Kimi. I'm just that obsessed.

So I started watching the remake (I just wanted to see if it was better!) and of course the actors from the original Hana Kimi is not there. Oh, just so you know, the Hana Kimi Remake is a Japanese Drama. Just to put that out there.

This picture is like the original! Well this is the remakes picture...
Anyways, Hana Kimi is about a girl named Ashiya Mizuki going to an all boys school, disguised as a boy, just to see a guy named Izumi Sano. He was a high jumper and Mizuki happened to see him jump in America. She was touched and wanted to see him jump in person.

Original Actors (Left to Right)- Nakatsu (Ikuto Toma), Mizuki (Maki Horikita), Sano (Shun Oguri)
I only watched the first episode and I fell in love with Hana Kimi all over again! Too be honest the actors aren't that good looking but hey, they acted their characters so well! Atsuko Maeda did a great job of portraying Mizuki's character. I feel that Mizuki in the remake is more out there and open than the Mizuki in the original Hana Kimi. Aoi Nakamura did a great job acting Sano. He is so cool!

The actor that impressed me the most was Shohei Miura. He grasped Nakatsu's character! I'm just like, is that Ikuta Toma???? Oh, thats a different actor! I'm really impressed by Miura! Nakatsu's character is foolish, energenic, fun, loud......he acted so great! Sigh.....I love it!!!

As for the other actors and characters, I just can't help smiling. The way they acted was just fun and touching.

The remake used the same soundtrack as the original. I just love the soundtrack! It makes me happy! However, they used a different opening song and ending song.